[Can pregnant women eat black wolfberry]_Black wolfberry_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat black wolfberry]_Black wolfberry_Pregnancy_Can you eat

We all know that black wolfberry is a very natural nourishing ingredient. Usually we can eat some to nourish and strengthen our body’s immunity, so for some people who love health care, can we eat it during pregnancy?

Black wolfberry is mild in nature, not cold or hot, and is a good nourishing medicine for pregnant women. It is edible to eat in moderation for yourself and valuable benefits.

Black wolfberry toxin protein, traces, sugars, free amino acids, organic acids, minerals, trace elements, alkaloids, vitamin C, B1, B2 and other more than 100 kinds of essential nutrients for the human body, with extremely high nutritional value, are known as “”Nourishing soft gold”, regular consumption can nourish and strengthen the body, enhance immunity, pregnant women can nourish yin and qi, and prevent minor diseases.

In addition, black wolfberry contains carotene, vitamins A1, B1, B2, C and other calcium, iron and other essential nutrients for healthy eyes, so it can protect eyes and eyesight. In ancient folks, black wolfberry was often used to treat liver blood deficiency and kidney yin deficiency.Eye diseases such as unconscious dimness and night blindness, so the consumption of black wolfberry by pregnant women has a bright eye for the baby, improves immunity, and protects the liver.

In addition, black wolfberry has a beauty effect.

Because black wolfberry contains a large amount of anthocyanins, which is unsaturated by red wolfberry, anthocyanins are called “oral skin cosmetics”. Regular consumption can promote the continuous production of new skin cells, and dead cells can be removed and relaxed.The skin becomes earlier elastic, which delays the appearance of wrinkles, reduces or eliminates pigmentation, makes the skin more ruddy, and thus has the effect of beauty and anti-aging.

And during pregnancy and lactation, women are most likely to develop spots due to their special physical constitution. During this period, no skin care products and cosmetics can be used. Therefore, for pregnant women, there is no healthier and more natural than black wolfberry.”Cosmetics” too.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat black wolfberry No matter what tonic, you need to consume it in moderation. Do n’t eat too much at one time. Black wolfberry is 3-5g per day for adults and about 2g a day for women during pregnancy. And for pregnant women, black wolfberryDifferent eating methods have different benefits and harms, so pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor before eating black wolfberry to see how their constitution is good and how much to eat at one time; of course, pay attention to rest during pregnancy and adjust your regular life.A balanced diet is important.