“No.No。”Jordaan shook his head,“That’s why we have to reassess the implementation of the first phase of the policy。”

“Well,Comrade Sergey,I can tell you,This does not require evaluation,The Federal Statistical Office has ready data。”
Speaking, Qiao Tianyu took out a copy of the data sheet,Shook in front of everyone。
“According to statistics from the Federal Statistical Office,The first stage is for the people1.48Billion National Securities,93%Is no longer in the hands of the people,Most of them are sold to shops at discounted prices、Various tool shops in exchange for living supplies。”
“And all kinds of shops、The tool shop then handed over the received National Securities discount to the supplier,Offset material cost,These national securities are discounted by suppliers to raw material suppliers, etc.。”
“Those national securities have gone through several turnovers,Has changed hands several times,And it is now officially listed and traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange。”
“How do you judge which of these processes is illegal,Which is not illegal?Do you have specific enforcement rules?Still say everything is the final decision,Whoever breaks the law will break the law?”
“and also,Comrade Sergey,Your economic policy will determine the development trend of the country,Before making a policy,Don’t even do the most basic research??”
“Obviously the data available from the Federal Statistical Office,You can get it with just a move,Why don’t you get it?if so,It is hard for us to believe that your economic policy is in line with economic reality。”
“Furthermore,You keep saying that to speed up the privatization process,No more national economic census,Instead use1990Economic census data of the former Soviet Union。”
“Don’t you know these two years,Russia’s price levels have skyrocketed50Multiple,You use1990The price of the year sets the current state-owned enterprise,Wouldn’t it cause the loss of a large amount of state-owned assets??”
“Oh,I almost forgot,Statistics on price levels are also readily available at the Federal Statistics Office,I’m afraid you haven’t read the relevant information before, right?”
“Isn’t this to save time?”Giordaan still argued。
“You know now to save time,That is in the previous policy,You have time to re-evaluate the complexity of the first phase of policy implementation,Is there no time for a national economic census??How do you explain this?”
“This.”Qiao Tianyu was speechless when asked,Speechless。