Now it is not80Early years、Everyone’s opinion on China’s military industry、Especially the aviation industry does not understand、Everything depends on the age of guessing,“Peace Pearl”The two most advanced Chinese fighter planes that are scheduled to arrive in the United States-8fighter,Let Americans treat China in the aviation industry、Have a sufficient understanding of the level of the aviation engine industry:Oh,It turned out that China was in the aviation industry、The level of aviation engine industry,That’s it……

For a less accurate comparison,Even now,China’s level of aviation engine industry,At most50The level of the American aero engine industry in the middle and late decades was comparable,This is just a comparison of engine technology,If it is to compare capacity and scale,There is no need for comparison at all,under these circumstances,Can count on Allen·E·Paulson is looking at COMAC?
Ok,Yes,The engine that COMAC is going to sell to Gulfstream Aviation is imported from Rolls·Royce“tay”MK650series,But so what?You said you produced“tay”MK650The overall level with Rawls·Royce origin“tay”MK650quite,That’s really quite?
Do not make jokes!
In American、British、Europeans and even Latin Americans,Even if produced by China Commercial Aircraft Corporation“tay”MK650Series engines passed Rolls·Royce’s test,It must also be in some small places that are not noticed with Rawls·Royce“Original”of“tay”MK650There is an essential gap,Must be like this。
You can say that this is discrimination against China,But in fact……
This is discrimination against China。
Looking at Chen Geng who is calm,Rosemary was a little puzzled,Endure,Finally couldn’t hold back,Asked Chen Geng:“and so……Your reaction to Paulson has long been expected?”
Chen Geng is very humble:“Can’t say that it was expected,can only say,Is the expected response。”
Isn’t that the same?Rolled his eyes,Rosemary asked again:“Then next,What are you going to do?Maybe Rawls·Royce will find you to pressure……”
“Ask me to pressure?”Chen Geng smiled,Smiled disapprovingly:“What can they do to me?”
Yes,Rolls·Royce is awesome,If the stock price of the previous month is calculated,Rolls·Royce’s total market value has exceeded57One hundred million U.S. dollars,Has more than6.410,000 employees,Very impressive,But to say it again,Even so,How can Chen Geng be treated??
Do not sayAMCAnd the market value of several properties under Chen Geng,Let’s just say that the COMAC Group from Rolls·Royce introduced“tay”Series engine authorization,I didn’t sign any market exclusivity agreements.、There is no stipulation that COMAC produces“tay”Series engines andRB211Series engines are not allowed to be sold to the United States,So in the end it was the same sentence,Even Alan·E·Paulson really ran to tell Rawls about it.·Royce,Rolls·How can Royce treat himself?
Paused,Chen Geng continued:“But I am a little curious,Will Paulson really tell Rawls·Royce‘Complain’?”
Finished,He couldn’t help laughing himself。