.According to common sense,Just work hard,Now the money these people grab can be legally credited to their bank.。But I have to admit.,You can get wealth with no effort,It really can make anyone boil over!

“You are a smart person,But you underestimate humanity too much!After today,These mortals will fear me like a god!”
Evincent sighed,But the corners of the mouth are rising with confidence。
Robinson puzzled,But follow Evincent’s gaze,It didn’t take long for Robinson to discover what Ivincent meant。
The picture in the monitor is small,But Robinson has good eyes,He can see clearly,on the street,With more and more cash falling,There has been a tearing phenomenon,Follow this trend,Robinson believes there will also be scuffles。
“It’s really getting more and more interesting!”
Robinson held his forehead,With the picture in the monitor,Even if Evincent didn’t say,Robinson can also guess what he is thinking。
Originally, Evincent himself had been classified as heinous,Evincent seems to want to turn this world into heinous……
Chapter Three Hundred and One Bewitched
Some people say that human beings are powerful,Because they have material cravings。
Like shehao,Gourmet、beauty,Luxury cars、Cruise ship,Anything that makes you comfortable,Are the goals of human race at different stages。
There are only two words to achieve this goal concisely——money!