Coagulation pills can enhance blood qi,Strong bones;《Easy muscle and bone forging》It’s the foundation of our people’s strength,Cultivating Mahayana has the power of a dragon。”

“The power of a dragon?”
“Naturally, this elephant should be like a mammoth,Not the strength of an ordinary elephant,After all, if I’m really angry now,,The strength is not weaker than that of an ordinary elephant;But how powerful is the dragon?This is hard to understand。”
“But it sounds so awesome!If I really have the strength of a mammoth,Don’t be afraid of Liu Yuanming,Blast his head with one punch!”
“Not bragging?”
I want to read the owner’s detailed explanation,But there is no text behind,Chen Xiu was thinking:“It seems that the person who wrote to me should be the owner of the big guy!”
“Who is she?I can actually raise the advanced beast as a pet!”
Look back at the light curtain behind,Can’t help but think:“Is there a secret behind the light curtain!”
Chen Xiu was taken aback by his guess,I can’t help but insist on this idea:“Should be so!”
“The mystery was originally the last human civilization to escape into the void,Space created by escaping the world。
Cultivators have lived on the earth for a long time,It’s only possible that there are still extinct animals like mammoths in the secret realm.!”
Chen Xiuyue firmed up his ideas,More and more curious about what the secret world behind the light curtain is like,Want to walk over several times,After all, I was frightened away by the picture of the shattered boulder before。
“Obviously the owner of the big guy doesn’t want me to enter the secret realm,Otherwise, I won’t throw out a blood clotting pill and a secret book of Dafa.!”