“Really weird!Just like looking in the mirror。。。only‘Look’The angle is completely different。”The avatar of the Demon Killer uses the force in the body to wave,Make some noise。

“Unexpectedly, the senses of this monster clan clone—So far from the human body。And this kind of fit feeling of spatial fluctuation。。。Li Ming couldn’t help but sigh,It really is two completely different lives。”
Human senses,Is visual、Hearing、Smell、Taste and touch,And this demon killer is completely different,It depends on the surrounding spatial fluctuations to perceive everything。
For this energy life,Vision、Hearing、The sense of touch is the same,Are all senses that depend on spatial fluctuations。
And there is a huge gap in the form of life,Ordinary humans were stabbed to the point,Even a cosmic powerhouse has to be hit hard。Domain master level,The mark of life is fully integrated into the body‘Singular point’in,Life at that time became extremely complete。
The avatar,He has no weaknesses,There is no such thing,The nature of its life is even somewhat immortal。
Unless their bodies are completely destroyed in one breath,Otherwise, as long as you have energy, you can recover。
Even if you step into the domain master,This kind of energy life is different from flesh and blood life,Is there no in the body‘Singular point’point,There is still no point。If you have to say‘core’,The secret lines of the spatial laws in the body of the Demon Killer are its core essence.,But even if this special secret pattern is destroyed,Does not hinder its recovery,And the secret lines are all over the body。。。Want to destroy all these secret patterns,It’s no different from destroying the whole body。
of course,On the secret pattern of Li Ming’s avatar,Compared to the normal monster clan clone,There is an extra flame-like pattern on the surface,This flame pattern,It is the special mark left by Li Ming’s secret method of using the clone talent。
of course,This clone and the body can also be completely integrated。
Li Ming’s heart moved,The avatar of the demon clan is directly integrated into the body of the human deity,More precisely, it is integrated into the miniature black hole in the body。
“This monster clan clone was successfully bred,I am afraid that my perception of spatial fluctuations fits at least a hundredfold,even more。Next, comprehension【Heart Mark Chaos Monument】The law of space in is also very relaxed,But now,I separate 90% consciousness,Experiment with some moves in the Taichu area of the virtual universe,Then go to cross the sky bridge。”
Virtual universe,Yuxiangshan Taichu District,Li Ming’s practice site。
Li Ming controls Yan Shenbing,Formed a white world of sword energy。
“Six thousand golden small swords,The sixth diffracting soldier formed by the combination‘World of swords’Omnipresent。Use pseudo-world as suppression,Condense a white jade-like sword aura as a means of killing。”Li Ming shook his head,In fact, he doesn’t really like the fighting style of this domain suppression,On the contrary, she likes pure power and speed with one hit kills.。
Subsequently,The dark golden long stick behind Li Ming flew out again1200Golden small sword,Golden small sword blended into‘World of swords’among,The entire sword world quickly shrank and closed。
In fact, Yan Shenbing’s sixth and seventh level promotion,Similar to the third and fourth promotion。
Third level‘Sky Sword’To the fourth level‘Not working’,Is to narrow down the entire sword field,Turned into a strong and domineering‘Golden totem’。
And the sixth to the seventh,In fact, it also shrinks the scarier world of swords,Condense more domineering‘Golden long stick’。