Say that there is no way to weaken other tribes,Kill murder,Just do this kind of thing,But can’t say。Surface on the surface,Still:

Because trust you tribute,So give the opportunity to let you go to the Central Plains.!
Don’t you want to go??Then I will change others.!
And the leader of other tribes,Naturally, you can also see that the wooden pole is sweating.。But what is the sentence?,The wages of avarice is death,Out of the fight is your head, don’t be on the belt of belt.,Don’t want to take risks,You go back to graze go.。
Can imagine,These people enter,Tiantian high bird fly,How can I listen to the wooden pole??Just say A Shi Nazzi!
It is because I want to understand these things.,Yu Wenxian feels discouraged。Be right,Turkic people are indeed playing with Qi,But,Such a uncontrolled army ravaged in Zhou Guo,Is it really a good thing??
Yu Wen“Ask God to make it difficult”Bitterness,I can’t tell A Shizuz。
If he put the final banned army to Hanzhong,Will Turkow will be robbed??Don’t say,I can’t rule out this possibility,At this point,A Shirnati is not dare to pack tickets。
In fact, she is also very worried about this Turkic army.。The relationship between the grassland tribe,Sometimes it is not necessarily better than Yu Wenzhao and Gao Biyi.!
I really want to count on these people.,I don’t know how to die at the time.。
“alright,Queen yourself。Qi Jun came,I’m not going to die.,But what is Gao Bao?,You should be more clear than me.,A person who has no use of value,Is it in the world?。
I feel,Gao Boyi should not lack。”
Leave a sentence means a deep long,Yu Wenzhao floated。After he got,Amina’s jade colored iron blue over the palace a lot of vases and jade!It seems that there is incompetence。
Just entering the night,The big drum of the city of Puchacou City knocked up,This is the signal of the promotion。No more than a fragrant time,Sign in the city,Yu Wenxian is sitting at a handsome position,The majority of the military will have arrived,Listening instruction。
“Tonight,We attacted Qi Jun granary。There is a fleet in the Weihe River,Will disguise the grain fleet to Qi Jun,Earlier than when they change their work,Daikou to unloading!
so,Two waves tonight,First wave,Hejun leaders,Put Qi Jun’s attention to the Northeast 1!
After you broke into the enemy camp halfway,I will send a quarter,Attack Qi Jun granary!As for who is leading the army,Temporary confidentiality now!Start now,All people returned to the ground,No one must leave privately,Hypopholy!
You are all waiting for the military command in the defense land.,Now,Be scattered,Go back to prepare!”
Searching in the people will be stunned。Yu Wenxian said for a long time,Just determined that the He Ruozi took the soldiers to attack the army,As for others,I haven’t said something to do.!
Is this not trustworthy?,still is……What is any reason?。
In short, it is not so beautiful.。
“you,Is there something else??”Yu Wen’s constitution,Tone is not good。
Sign in other people in the room。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1333chapter Last straw
“Kill it!”
Gongsun’s rumor is also in the juniori generation,exist“Deng Bailihou”Stimulation(The first place in the city and boarded the city and the dead,Waiting for a county, let him get,It is a crazy reward.),Jinzhou Chengwangjun pressure increased。
Li Mu uses the horizontal knife to turn over a rogue just boarding the city,Suddenly I feel a soft feet。At this time, the black armor on his body is all red.,I don’t know if my blood is still the blood of the enemy.。
More than half of the enemy,Do you want to do this?,Blood is getting dry early。
Today, early morning,Gongsun is sent to the city,Take turns,Undevened casualties。The fool is also seen,Jinzhou City’s defenders,Already shake。Take advantage of Jinzhou,Yang Shu took Qi Jun all the way to the land,Other urban pools in Hanjiang Corridor have been surrendered,Only Jinzhou City stands still。