Dream mother is dead and hugs her daughter,The bottom is full of placard,This woman hit them.,Their chances come。

Everyone:“……”How do you say it?。
Why did the dream of the mother can’t think of the Blue Xinhui。
Blue Xin is a few minutes.,She stopped。
What know,Blue Xin is too heavy,Dream’s mother is played in anger,Looking at the blue and happy,The fierce stood up and pushed http://www.suninhome.cn Blue Xin.,A big sister in the crowd held her,Two people have a few steps to stand。
Blue Xin is angry to throw the bag on the ground,Disgusting,Aim,Push Maguo mother on Dream。
“what……”A sudden after,The mother and daughter stand together,And Blue Xin twisted together。
Until the surrounding people alarm,There is a policeman.,Only kelked three people。
Half an hour later,Lu Haocheng in the office suddenly received a phone call。
“what,My wife is playing people,Then my wife is injured.?”
Policemen:“……”Your wife is hitting。Police:“Continental,You still go to the police station first.。”
NS1955chapter Is her first person
Lu Haocheng hangs the phone,Calling the top of the top of the company,Take the fastest speed to the police station。
Policeman,Blue Xin and Dream mother are sitting in face。
Because Dream mother can’t go to the hospital,I just want to solve the things in front of you.,The police took them back 。
Blue Xinzhong,Although the mother and daughter are siege,But she is only suffering from some minor injuries.,At this time, there is some messy,Some scratches on your face and your body,She is so skinless,At this time, the eye,Chu Chu poor looks very distressed。
The opposite of,Dream mother and daughter are not so lucky.。
Dream is broken,Long hair is like a chicken nest,But not Blue Xin,Instead, it was broken by her mother sharpened nails when it was swearing.,Dream mother’s nails are really nails,Irrilling drill,Too much killing,There is no hide on Blue Xin’s face.,Several places have been cleaned。
Dream face bloody,Plus an http://www.shenggoulipin.cn eyeliner,The makeup also spent,Like a ghost。
Dream mother was played a few times by Blue Xin.,I don’t know if there is any fracture,She has been carrying her hand,Hache your tears,Resentful look at Blue Xin。
Lan Xin does not regret,At the time of fighting,Dream’s mother pulled her hands,Let Mengjiao hit her,She turned and turned into a dream mother.。
If she doesn’t guess wrong,Next, the two of the female two people is lie。
Lan Xin didn’t think,Her heart is so water for many years,Many years of self-cultivation,I suddenly broke out today.。
In general,She is really not like a dreamless person.。
Still in front of her ,Uncle,She can’t bear。
I don’t regret it, I don’t regret it.。
The police looked at Blue Xin,Feeded her with a cup of hot water.。
Blue Xin laughs,Drink a few mouthfuls in hot http://www.21drink.cn water。
Lu Haocheng contributed to Jiangyou,Even them,There is also a bit of respect for Lu Haozheng in the bones.。
People have money, they will not be all in their hands.,Due to a lot of charity,Many free facilities are all of him.。
“Hey!How can you see people with colored glasses??
It would not be because she is the president of the Lu Group.,That’s special,People like her moral quality,Where is you with you to give her a tea?。”