The 15th Xiangtai Economic and Trade Cultural Exchange Cooperation will open

Xinhua News Agency, on October 21 (Reporter Zhang Ge) The 15th Xiangtai Economic and Trade Cultural Exchange Cooperation and the First Strait Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Yuelu Mountain Forum ("a forum") opened in Changsha, Hunan 21st. Through the consultation in the previous period, 35 projects were included in this conference, with a total investment of 100 million yuan.

This "One Forum" is the theme of "deepening cooperation, integration development", jointly hosted by the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office and Hunan Provincial People’s Government.

According to reports, the industrial docking meeting will be held in Xiangtan City, Yueyang City, and Zhangzhou City, respectively, in addition to the special activities of Taiwan Youth Cultural Science and Technology Lake Xiangxing. Longming, deputy director of the CPC Central Terrace, deputy director of the State Council, said that the history of Hunan has a deep history, the exchange of exchanges, solid foundation, and believe that the activities of the activities will force Xiang Taiwan exchange and cooperation and development. . The CCTV Office, the State Council, will continue to support Hunan to Taiwan. It hopes that Taiwan Shangtai is more concerned about Hunan, visiting Hunan, investing in Hunan, explored business opportunities in Sanxiang, and developing. Longming, said that we adhere to the basic principles of "peaceful reunification, one country, two systems", adhere to the Chinese principles and "Jiuyi Concentures", and firmly promote the relationship between cross-strait relations, integration development.

I hope that the majority of Taiwan compatriots stand in the right side of the history, with the mainland compatriots, maintain peaceful development, oppose "Taiwan independence", and meet historical generals.

It is understood that in recent years, Hunan has actively promoted Taiwan companies, new construction, and introduced a number of major Taiwanese projects. As of August this year, Hunan has approved 2925 Taiwan-funded projects. It actually in place, Taiwan has a second largest source of foreign investment in Hunan Province.

In the first strait two-strait industry cooperation in innovation, Yuelu Mountain Forum, "The Straits Industrial Cooperation Yuelu Mountain Forum Proposal" was officially released.

On the forum, the experts of the Taiwan Straits, industry people, and the Taihang representatives have promoted the two-strait industry cooperation, deepening the convergence of cross-strait, and implemented the advantages of Hiki Limin policy, and play the advantages of cross-strait industrial cooperation areas. Experience exchange. Since 2005, the "Xiang Taihui" has become an important platform for economic and cultural exchanges in the two places of Hunan.

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