A variety of innovative technology appliances debut in Galanz 4.0 Science and Technology Experience Hall

  On August 28th, the Galan Technology Experience Hall opened in the Galanz Group Shunde Headquarters Industrial Base, from Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, dozens of parents took the children to experience the charm of technology. The staff led the public to visit the Galanz Technology Experience Hall.

Xinhua Net Galanz Technology Experience Hall is based on the 30-year history old workshop, and it is open to the new. In the experience hall, hundreds of robots are running quickly, and a microwave cavity is unveiled at a microwave cavity per second.

  In the product exhibition area, Galanz whole-class health home appliance exhibition It has attracted the attention of the public that visited the experience.

  In addition, people watch the research and development of Galan Space Microwaves in the experience hall, experience baking fun.

The "Cosmic Kitchen" represented by the Galanz DR Air Frying Microwave, bringing the visitors to the imagination of a better life in the future.

  People understand the Galanz microwave in the experience hall and experience baking fun.

Xinhua Net Galanz Technology Experience Museum aims to integrate "Technology + Home Appliance + Gourmet", showing young and vitality of manufacturing, showing the strength of enterprises to build industrial food travel routes.

  Galanz announced the continuous investment of industrial, open source chips, aerospace microwave, etc. since 2019. At the same time, while Galans accelerates the brand youth. Through brand, products and industrial chains, to create a new generation of young consumers, build a station interactive platform to draw closer to the majority of consumers. The head of Galanz is introduced, the Galanz Technology Experience Hall has set the food experience, intelligent manufacturing new benchmark, network red card point and other symbols, will continue to upgrade, and regularly hold consumer experience activities, let more Consumers feel a better lifestyle.

(Zheng Shuyu).