Di Qingzhou Shangri-La City held an entrepreneurial symposium

Recently, the Shangri-La Municipal Committee of Diqing Tibetary Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, organized the country’s research and convened Shangri-La City 2021 entrepreneurial symposium. Yang Qi, member of the State Committee of the State Committee, and the Shangri-La Municipal Party Committee, Yang Qi, participated in the investigation and arranged relevant work. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal […]

Accelerated Digital Transformation Beijing Siyi New Energy User Experience Center official

  On October 16, 202, Beijing Siyu New Energy User Experience Center officially opened, new Baohaus style simple design, comprehensive service ribbon and interactive experience, giving people a beautiful enjoyment and pleasant value experience, this marking In the process of entering the new energy car golden ten years, Si Wei’s new energy is a solid step […]

Accepting the seventh national census

According to the news of the people’s government of Xihui County, "big country is named, no you don’t work." From November 1st, the seventh national census officially entered the registration phase. On the morning of November 2nd, the county party secretary of the county party committee, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and the […]

A variety of innovative technology appliances debut in Galanz 4.0 Science and Technology Experience Hall

  On August 28th, the Galan Technology Experience Hall opened in the Galanz Group Shunde Headquarters Industrial Base, from Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, dozens of parents took the children to experience the charm of technology. The staff led the public to visit the Galanz Technology Experience Hall. Xinhua Net Galanz Technology Experience Hall is based on the […]

De landbouwprobleem van Fuyu County Branch heeft 80 miljoen yuan-beleidsfondsen om de soepele werking van de herfstkorrelverwerving te waarborgen.

People’s Network Harbin Oktober 21 oktober Electronics uitgegeven Fuyu County Tak stevig vastgesteld een nieuw concept van "grote markt, grote korrel, grote circulatie, grote industrie", streefde erop aan preventie en controle over risico, in overeenstemming met het premisse van de dienst, volgens de bescherming De algemene eisen van het verzamelen, vergroten, toenemende levering en leiden, […]

British media: British reconnaissance machine is near the Crimea Russian fighter emergency lift

On November 12, according to the British "Times" website reported on November 11, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the Soviet-30 fighter was expelled near the Creek Coast. In addition, Moscow said that the United States deploys warships to the Black Sea is playing. Moscow said that a Royal Royal Air Force’s RC-135 reconnaissance […]

Deepen cross-border trade facilitation reform

[] Harvesting and other departments have introduced 27 refinement initiatives – deepening cross-border trade facilitation reform New Deal landing "In recent years, my country’s port business environment continues to optimize, cross-border trade facilitation levels have increased year by year, but there are still some plugging , Pain points and difficulties need to be unified to […]

2021 Sail sailing "Le Xiaoxing" accompanying Jiangxi people to the new year

  "China Sports Lottery" 2021 National New Year Democratic Fitness Conference Jiangxi main venue activity recently opened the curtain in Ji’an.   Thousands of mountaineering enthusiasts gathered in Ji’an City Shennan Park, jointly met the new year in the future. Zhang Zuping, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, deputy mayor Xu Kaiping, deputy mayor of […]