A variety of innovative technology appliances debut in Galanz 4.0 Science and Technology Experience Hall

  On August 28th, the Galan Technology Experience Hall opened in the Galanz Group Shunde Headquarters Industrial Base, from Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, dozens of parents took the children to experience the charm of technology. The staff led the public to visit the Galanz Technology Experience Hall. Xinhua Net Galanz Technology Experience Hall is based on the […]

2021 sorghum seed certification pilot demonstration flower stage test and variety purity field identification work successfully completed

In order to strengthen the quality management of sorghum seeds, improve seed quality control capabilities and levels, and the seed management station organized the national agricultural technology promotion service center sorghum seed certification pilot demonstration project, and the variety purity field is launched. From July 19, 202, July 19, 20, in accordance with the requirements […]

(COP15) Enfoque de Xi Xi Pide Una vía Verde de desrrollo spanish.xinhuaet.com

.. BEIJING, 12oct (Xinhua) – ElpresidentedeChina, XiJinping, hizohoymartesunllamadoaacelerarlosesfuerzosparafomentarunavíaverdededesarrolloyasegurarunagananciamutuadecrecimientoeconómicoyproteccióíderesdela15areunióndelaConferenciadelasPartesdelConveniosobrelaDiversidadBiológica (COP15), atravésdeunenlacedevideodesdeBeijing, Xidefinióunaecologíayunmedioambientesanoscomo "nosolounactivonaturalsinotambiénunactivoeconómico" .EljefedelEstadoinstóalarealizacióndeesfuerzosialyhamagnificadolosdesafíosalaAgenda2030delaONUparaelDesarrolloSostenible, Xidijoquefrentealastareasdualesdelarecuperacióneconómicaylaproteccióndelmedioambiente, lospaísesendesarrollo "necesitantodavíamásayudayapoyo" "Necesitamosfortalecerlasolidaridadparasuperarlasdificultadesypermitirquelaspersonasdetodoslospaísessebeneficienmásydeunamaneramásjustadelosresultadosdeldesarrolloydeunmedioambientesano", recalcóelmandatario "Estamosviviendoenunaeracargadadedesafíosyllenadeesperanzas", manifestóXi, yaadió: "Mientrassigamosadelanteconperseverancia Llegaráunfuturobrillante "..

A long, a long time, it is always growing?Beware of "a long system" form is greater than the content

"A long" system brings new changes in grassroots governance – to promote grass-roots organization system more closely. Director of the Institute peasants China Agricultural University Zhuqi Zhen believes that the appointment of a variety of "long" at the grassroots level of governance, the first to emphasize that the responsibility is to implement the core responsibility. […]

A special commissioned notary Ningxiang Gong card at solving difficult problems for the families of detainees

Daily Notary Office of Ningxiang city. In real life, some people made a mistake because the moment the alleged offense, but need their legal rights guaranteed under the law, often resulting in a dilemma. Recently, the City Notary Office on Ningxiang as a detainee, handle such a special commissioned notary. March 25, Ningxiang City Notary […]

Besluit van het Permanent Comité van het Congres van National People over het oprichten van een Financieel Hof van Chengduk

  Om de financi?le rechterlijke bescherming te vergroten, cre?er u een goede financi?le rechtsstaat, de financi?le zekerheid, en organiseert de wet volgens de grondwet en het volksgerecht, nu de volgende beslissing: 1. CHENGYU FINANCI?LE HOEP.   De instelling van de proefproctie van het onderzoek van het Financieel Hof van Chengdu-Chongqing wordt bepaald door het Hof van de […]

Platform Economic Field Anti-monopoly Guide Announces Problem of Responding to "Big Data Killing"

People’s Network Beijing February 7 (Reporter Li Nanhua) Today, the reporter learned from the official website of the Market Supervision Bureau that the State Council’s Anti-monopoly Committee has issued the "Anti-monopoly Guide" on the Anti-monopoly Committee of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as "Guide" . In response to the "two choices" "big data" and […]

The Hong Kong SAR Government holds a national relationship to strengthen civil service training.

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, July 27 (Reporter Wei) Hong Kong SAR Government Civil Service Bureau held the "New Era" in the SAR Government, "Chinese Communist Party – Talking about the Chinese Communist Party and the ‘National Two System" lectures. Nie Degre, director of the Civil Service Bureau, said that we must understand the country, […]