The renovation project of the ancient town has been completed,A new street is displayed in front of Xia Jian,Antique-style building,Coupled with modern elements,Gives a refreshing feeling。

Zhao Hong walks,While introducing Xia Jian,Soon I arrived at the door of Lao Yang Fried Noodle Restaurant。Two solid wood columns,Antique carved window frame,Suddenly there is a feeling of traveling to ancient times。 Xia Jian on a whim,Shouted towards the door:“Koji!Bring wine” Lao Yang’s two masters,Ran out,It’s Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian,I couldn’t close my mouth […]

True or false,This is the network。

Xia Jian sighed,I browsed the news online for a while,Then turn off the computer,Hurried to the kitchen to wash the dishes,He knew very well,He doesn’t do these jobs,But no one can help him。 Wait until the kitchen is cleaned up,Go to clean up the bedroom again。It’s like Chen Xia said,The bedding in the cabinet is […]

Lin Dami is painful,If it is ANAN,She really became a sinner.。

When she is small,She also teaches Anan’s,If your own care,Still not turning her into a kind person,What should she do? Although it is not my own children,But for so many years,She carefully raised her as a child.!Other children have,She also has!扪心 心,I really never stayed.。 If your mother’s thing is really Ai An,She can’t forgive […]

The gods onlookers were stunned,Then swarmed up,The wounded were rescued by digging and planing,Okay,Everyone has no life worry,The ultimate wounded is Venerable Palmprint,Followed by Li Tianzhi,Under his body is the unlucky fire pig,The injury was not a fall,It was the trauma caused by the ferocious shock wave after Venus exploded,Maybe it’s the resistance of such a peerless baby who hides two black scrolls,Otherwise, he would have been bombarded long ago and not even a scum left。

Among the gods,Except Qi Yun,There are many experts who are proficient in medicine,And there are all kinds of pills in Li Tianzhen’s space treasure,After a rush of treatment,Except for the palm prints, he needs to retreat,The rest of the wounded are fine,Even Li Tianzhen struggled to get up,In everyone’s weird eyes,He himself was at a […]


———— text Chapter 271 New Era In the next month,The Three Kingdoms Killing board game soon became popular in various entertainment venues in the deep city。 For a while,Isn’t it popular even in nightclub boxes?KSang,The big buddies who came to play have ordered me,Everyone sits together and plays Three Kingdoms,And it’s called accompany play,Lost drinking,Still […]

but,No way,Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan can’t come,The grandfather and his family called for Lin Yuner, the chairman of the Lin group, to pick him up。

so,Since Lin Yuna can’t come,,Then his husband, the chairman, will come to the station to pick up their family。 Xiao Fan listening to music,While waiting for the Liu family to come out。 In a blink of an eye,It’s three o’clock。 Xiao Fan got out of the car,Walk towards the exit,Originally, Xiao Fan thought that the […]

“Very good material,Xiao Song,Mined in your village?”Master Feng asked Brother Song。

Song Ge suddenly looked bright,Nodding:“Yes!Mined yesterday,then,We don’t even know there are stone eyes,Otherwise it’s impossible for Brother Hu to win 300,000。” “Three hundred thousand?That missed。The old pit in your village is good,I remember I found a piece of scorched leaf and white frozen two days ago?The frequency of high-quality inkstone is quite high。”Master Feng admires。 […]

Chen Wenjin hasn’t had time to speak,Wang Shuai, who could not restrain himself for a long time, proactively said loudly into the microphone:“Good sister-in-law!My name is Shuai Wang,It’s a hit with gold,Don’t go against the heart,Very lively tonight,Sister-in-law, come and play together!Or there are more beauties at night,I can’t watch gold!”

Butterflies over the phone smile happily,Bluntly:“This person is very funny。Woo,It’s too awful,I can’t go!” “Nothing,Stay for a few more days and be free。”Chen Wenjin comforted,Wang Shuai on the side said again:“Sister-in-law, come and play together!where are you?We will pick you up。” Chen Wenjin said irritably:“She received your enthusiasm,But she can’t come now,Stop booing。” “I must […]

“Young master be careful!”

“Ok?” The grey-robed man saw the clue,The shameless person actually stopped,And the one who casts the sword city is on the other side,It’s impossible to help at this time。 “Bang!” Even if that guy comes,He has to let him pay for driving。 Yuan Huo wrapped his fists and collided with the gray-robed man,The sword in […]