2021 Sail sailing "Le Xiaoxing" accompanying Jiangxi people to the new year

  "China Sports Lottery" 2021 National New Year Democratic Fitness Conference Jiangxi main venue activity recently opened the curtain in Ji’an.   Thousands of mountaineering enthusiasts gathered in Ji’an City Shennan Park, jointly met the new year in the future. Zhang Zuping, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, deputy mayor Xu Kaiping, deputy mayor of […]

40 years of flooding Zhanjiang aquatic products fruitful results

  Fat and fresh oysters. Our reporter Liu Yucheng took care of Zhanjiang and the main farming and export area of ??my country’s water sea products, total production and total output value for 20 consecutive provinces, the first Zhanjiang, was identified as "National Ocean High Technology Industry Base (Marine Health Breeding)" In the country, Zhanjiang, the […]

Chengdu This cloud computing product R & D center completed in April next year.

Original title: Chengdu This cloud computing product R & D Center completed in the morning of November 11 next April, a red banner in the entrance of Chengdu Xinchuan Road, a red banner with a word "epidemic" is suspended in the construction enclosure superior. Here is China Communication Service, which started in July, Sichuan Company […]

Ambassador to Barbados Yan Xiuheng published a signature article in the mainstream media "China’s democracy: the people’s democracy"

On December 9, the Ambassador of Barbados Yan Xiusheng published the title "China’s Democracy: All Process People’s Democracy", which is awarded the entire process of the whole process of the Chinese Communist Party.The full text is as follows: China’s democracy: The whole process of people’s democratic democracy is the common value of all mankind, and […]

Shenzhen online "medical insurance drug price" cover the city’s fixed-point retail pharmacy

Original title: Shenzhen online "medical insurance drug price" covers the city’s fixed-point retail pharmacy with the same medical insurance drug, which drug store is more cost-effective? "Medical insurance drug price" can be checked! On November 10th, the Shenzhen Medical Protection Bureau held a press conference to launch the "medical insurance price" medical insurance drug price […]

Strong power condensed

  Gengzi Rats New Year, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic is raging Shenzhou earth, seriously threatening the health of the people. The New Year’s Day, the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee held a conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a comprehensive deployment of epidemic prevention and control. On February 3, General Secretary Xi […]

The new crown of new crown diseases exceeded 5 million UN Secretary-General urged the epidemic prevention

  Xinhua News Agency, November 1st (Reporter Shangxu) United Nations Secretary-General Gutrez on the 1st of the world’s new crown disease, there were more than 5 million cases of new crown disease, which appealed to promote vaccine fair distribution to achieve the global new crown vaccination strategy set. The goal.   Gutrez issued a statement that the […]

The reporter observed: the Prime Minister reporter will send out China’s most "strong" sound to the world.

People’s Network Beijing May 28 (Liu Yongting, Cui Yue) On May 28, Prime Minister Li Keqiang attended the reporter in the golden hall of the Great Hall of the Great Hall and answered questions. In the past two hours, Li Keqiang answered 11 questions of Chinese and foreign reporters, 7 of which were proposed by […]