Aerot: Red and Qing Dynasty

  The river water contrast of the different seasons in the same river section of the Chi Shuihe (the picture taken on May 30, 2019, the picture is taken in October 13, 2021).   The Chi River flowing through the cloud, expensive, Sichuan Province, is named after the river contains high sand, and the water is red, […]

De bouw van Talent Team in Linxiang District, de stad Linyi

Dit jaar, de stad Linyi, Linxiang District, nam talent opleiding als een belangrijk onderdeel van talent werk, gehandeld op grond van alomvattende planning, op voorhand, en hoogtepunten van de kwantiteit en kwaliteit, en introduceerde een batch, stuurde een batch, lokale training, mijnbouw Een groep van inheemse getalenteerde mensen met innovatief ondernemerschap of modern leiderschap, het […]

Create a new military industry in innovation

  "Focus on the war, accelerate innovation, comprehensively improve the ability to perform mission, and make greater contributions to building a world’s first-class army, building agency strong country." Xi Xi inspects a base station in Shaanxi troops and issuing an important speech, fully affirming the base for a long time. It is an important role in […]

China @ 四川 | Chengdu New 2 cases of urinary diagnosis and 1 no symptom infection are associated with Nanjing epidemic

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, July 28 (Reporter Dong Xiaohong, Zhang Chaoqun) On the evening of the 28th, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference, at 0:00 on the 28th, the new 2 cases of urination in Chengdu and 1Asymptomatic infection.He Xiao Xiao, deputy director of the Chengdu Health and Health […]

6% steeg tot 8%! De basisonderzoeksfondsen van mijn land blijven groeien en helpen innovatie

Tijdens de periode "14e vijfjaren" -periode zal de basisonderzoeksfinanciering van mijn land naar verwachting 8% bereiken, en de wetenschappers zullen de wetenschappers verder aanmoedigen van de echte wetenschappelijke kwesties, dappere innovatie "onbemande zone". Basisonderzoek is de bron van wetenschap en technologie, en het niveau bepaalt het erfgoed en de poststerkte van een nationale wetenschappelijke en […]

The two works of the Fujian Medical Insurance Bureau were selected in the province’s institutional system innovation "excellent case"

Recently, in the fourth "promotion mechanism, the construction of new Fujian" provincial institutional mechanism innovation excellent case collection selection activities, the two cases reported by the Fujian Medical Insurance Bureau awarded.Among them, "promotion of account families and enhances the mass medical insurance to gain a sense" won the first prize. As a national medical insurance […]

Take the wind and waves, the modern energy economy advances high-end

There are always some incidents, becoming a wind direction standard for witnessed regional economic development. In the early winter season, the Jiangsu Industrial Park, Erdos, Erdos City, is standing, vehicle shuttle … The world’s first zero carbon industrial park project is in full swing. This project is the key demonstration project of the Vision Technology […]