“Can it be done?”

“Guarantee to complete the task!” Wang Zi carried Zhang Zhilin who was fainting and threw him into the car,Even shouting at other people:“Did you hear what Chen Shao said?,All return to the magic capital with me!” “Yes!” If not for the scorching sun in the sky,Everyone thought they were hell,There is still the courage to […]

Chen Jing stopped,She reluctantly said:“Go up a bit more?It’s best to get to the top,You should know that it will be overwhelming,Take a look at the words of Zhongshan Xiao!I just want to feel this kind of feeling I have never had before“Chen Jing said,Look again。

Xia Fei glanced at Xia Jian and said:“what happened,Do you have any concerns,It’s halfway up the mountain anyway,Don’t prevent climbing up again,See if there is a different kind of harvest“ “No way,Go back!And now“Xia Jian said with a heavy face。 Xia Fei startled,Asked in a low voice:“What’s wrong with you?What happened?“ “We may be on […]

See Jingpu say this,Lingju couldn’t help biting her silver teeth,really,Let Lingjing hoe the ground,It’s Lingjing who is good at making opinions!

I thought I had something to do with senior,Okay,Fortunately, nothing was frozen just now。 Okay……Okay…… And at this time,Jingpu is the dragon heart soft armour before he suddenly took it out of his arms: “This is your thing, right,Today before you come,Lingjing suddenly brought it to me,Forced it to me,You take it back。” Look at […]

heart,Life given to formation。

According to some classics read by Li Ming,Traditional thinking,The ultimate of formation,Is the world。 For a while,One world,Contains the mystery of the world。 Li Ming now thinks,A whole world,Need life。 And for the formation,heart,Is life! In an instant,The power of the formation instantly increased a hundredfold。 Simultaneously,The space area of Xingchen Zhoutian’s domain has also […]

Ye Xingkong pours a little water from the teapot to the teacup,Go in and probe with a silver needle,Take out the silver needle and take a closer look,The silver needle did not change color at all,Repeated several times,Still no discoloration,Very puzzled。

“what happened?Is not very toxic,Or didn’t release it originally?”Ye Xingkong asked himself。 “Maybe you made a mistake,How could Xiaoyun do anything to harm me??”Chen Limu said puzzledly。 “What if,I regret that,Don’t have a defensive heart。”Ye Xingkong reminded。 “I know,thank you for your concern。”Chen Limu felt that Ye Xingkong had“The heart of a villain saves the […]

text Chapter Fifty Four test

? Over there, Lu Menglin and Uncle Jihu have joined forces,The two chatted while drinking。 Uncle Jihu’s expression of gratitude,But he wouldn’t say anything more,Because he knows,Kindness without saying thanks,This little Lu brother gives face,It’s vain to say it nicely,This adult’s favor must be returned to him。 Naturally, Lu Menglin wouldn’t talk about the things […]

Liu Guangyi understands:“Unexpectedly, Mr. is also a man of temperament,rest assured,I won’t say it again in the future。”

“This is not temperament,Is a promise!” Yes,Is a promise。 Just like what those brothers said,Even if they die,Can’t let their king fall in front。 Now they are dead and he lives,So no matter what those people said,He will do his best to complete。 This is not temperament but promise,Is a promise between life and death,An […]

Everyone listened to it,Only then feel a little relieved。

Actually it doesn’t make any sense to think too much,Because Lu Menglin and his guards have grown silently to such an extent,The human world has very few restrictions on him。 “Everyone please take a seat!To welcome you,I also specially prepared some tea。” After Xiaozhi finished,The scene in front of everyone suddenly changed。 It was originally […]

“what!”There was a strange scream in midair。

Among those transparent fishing nets made of white marks,It turned out a figure。 With the shrinking of the toad fishing wire,The figure in the air is getting clearer。 Suddenly,The media reporters and photographers around the stage,One after another aimed the camera at the alien phase in mid-air,Film this scene clearly。 “Oh my god!That figure is […]