I am really with Li Hui.,However, Li Hui has a difference between 100,000 miles with the owner.,I don’t want to follow him.,I want to follow you.。”

Sun Yaru said this time,Strive to install a poor look,The tears in that pair of big eyes are also convinced. I see it.。 But Lin City does not eat this set。 “All right,Don’t play with me,On the farming, you are far better than me.,This is so fixed.,Then I will find a chance to give you […]

First1665chapter Fate is over

The environment of this cafe is particularly elegant。Comfortable sofa seat,Bright and spacious space,Especially the sound of music floating in the air,If yes if no,Makes people feel like they are in a dream。 Ouyang Hong sits directly opposite Xia Jian,I kept turning the spoon in the coffee cup in my hand,Say nothing。Look at her,Her anger has […]


472 I have to be serious! For Wang Yufei,All plans are moving forward step by step。 very smooth,Of course this is very angry in the eyes of other people。 Like Chen Cheng。 God knows how he came over this month。 Never expected,I don’t think that Microsoft’s sudden trouble will make Wang Yufei in a hurry,Let […]

But Jincheng is now in the hands of Gao Xiaoyu,If you have no tacit with him,So, you want to build a city.,It is all in the world,Impossible things!

So this will become a dead cycle.,For winning,It is necessary to south to Hedong,Jincheng and Gao Baoyi,The battle of the same year。 If you want to win this battle,Just take the city,And occupy Jincheng,Promote the defense line to the hinterland of Henan! But to do this,But I have to get the first of Gao Xiaoyu.,That […]

Envelopes are the more common white envelopes in the late Qing Dynasty,A red long box in the middle,There is no recipient information on the envelope。

Can’t manage that much,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t wait to take out a yellowed letter paper from the envelope。 However, it disappointed Qiao Tianyu and Xiao Pang Lian。 I thought that the letter paper recorded a shocking secret,However, there are only eighteen names above。 Those eighteen names are written in teeny lower letters,Beautiful and smooth writing,And it’s […]

Xiang Chen pretends to ponder,Answered the questions raised by Mo Mo fairly。

If this is provided to Li Tianzi by third-party intelligence,She might also consider accepting,But Xiang Chen and Mo Mo are discussing such issues in front of her.,This made Li Tianzi’s self-esteem humiliated like never before。 “I wish you two happy playing in the magic city,If it’s really unfortunate that I can’t go home,Li Tianzi already […]

but now,Lu Menglin only used a small electromagnetic gun,Without using one’s own power at all,Defeated the strongest defense in the legend,Such a powerful impact,Just ask them if they are strong enough?Not surprised?

but,Doing business is going to the back,Lu Menglin needs to solve the big trouble before him.! Everyone saw Master Wu Hao raise his gun,Aimed at the stunned Gaia priest。 The Great Priest Gaia’s face suddenly became earthy,Glory in the body,Various light patterns,Halo,aperture,Don’t put money on yourself。 boom!Gunshot! A bullet hit the shoulder of Gaia Priest,No […]

As for finding the child of the family who made the final decision to destroy the Qin family?Qin Feng didn’t have so much thought to investigate。In short,Just solve these people。Anyway, for Qin Feng,He wanted to solve the problem in this way a long time ago。

just,After doing this,Somewhat empty。 And at this moment,Maupassant also brought over the question tied up by the five flowers。 “Qin Feng boss,What to do with this person?”Since Qin Feng didn’t kill Guess before,Maupassant just came here under pressure。 And this time,I was stunned when I guessed the Rohir family who looked at the dead bodies […]


Bros,Sorry,Take another day off Bros,sorry,I just found out what I wrote tonight is a bit inappropriate,Need to push to rewrite,Ask for a day off,Please forgive me brothers。 ———— First1051chapter outdated Little Macdonald is a shrewd man,Looking at Macomb·Hughes began to slow down,I know the guy here has been shaken,He immediately added another fire:“Mr. Hughes,These intention […]

“I won’t call you an ambulance,Why don’t you call,Call my companion back?”

Xiang Chen looked at the people in the two cars who were trying to climb out,But Xiang Chen knows very little about He Guo’s language,So the conversation with a few people,It’s all about the same thing。 Stand up straight,Xiang Chen scratched his head in pain,I wanted to mention that Zhou Ziyi and the others blocked […]