Accepting the seventh national census

According to the news of the people’s government of Xihui County, "big country is named, no you don’t work." From November 1st, the seventh national census officially entered the registration phase. On the morning of November 2nd, the county party secretary of the county party committee, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and the […]

De landbouwprobleem van Fuyu County Branch heeft 80 miljoen yuan-beleidsfondsen om de soepele werking van de herfstkorrelverwerving te waarborgen.

People’s Network Harbin Oktober 21 oktober Electronics uitgegeven Fuyu County Tak stevig vastgesteld een nieuw concept van "grote markt, grote korrel, grote circulatie, grote industrie", streefde erop aan preventie en controle over risico, in overeenstemming met het premisse van de dienst, volgens de bescherming De algemene eisen van het verzamelen, vergroten, toenemende levering en leiden, […]

(CIIE) Entrevista Ciie de China Es Una Vitrina de Oportunidades Comerciales Para El Mundo, Dice Presidente de Cámara de Comercio Peruano China

LIMA, 5nov (Xinhua) -.. LaExposiciónInternacionaldeImportacionesdeChina (CIIE, siglaseninglés), queesteaocelebrasucuartaedición, presentaunavitrinadeoportunidadescomercialesparaelmundo, indicóelpresidentedelaCámaradeComercioPeruanoChina (CAPECHI), JoséTamPérez "Sehaconvertidoenunavitrinadeoportunidadescomercialesparalosdiferentespaísesquedeseanbuscaroportunidadescomercialesoafianzarsusnegociosenelmercadochino", aseguróóninternacional, programadaparacelebrarseentreel5y10denoviembreenShanghai, manifiestalavoluntaddeChinadecompartiroportunidadescontodoelmundoyayudar, especialmente, alospaísesendesarrolloaparticiparenlacadenadevalormundial, apuntóTamPé, laIVCIIEacogeamáscompaíasincluidasenlalistadeFortune500ygigantescorporativosencomparacióóáreadeexposición, laCIIEseconsolidacomolaprimeraexposicióndedicadaalaimportació, elpresidentedeCAPECHIdestacóquelaCIIEesunaferiayaconsolidadaquehapermitidoamuchasempresasextrajerascolocarsusproductosyconocerloshábitosdeconsumochino "(CIIE ) SehaconvertidoenpocosaosaosenUnPlataf ormadeingresoalmercadochino, enlacualvariospaíercioglobal "reconoció.DestacóquelafinalidaddeestaexposicióninternacionalesestrecharloslazoscomercialesylacooperaciónentreChinaylospaísesdelmundo, loquehapermitidoun" puntodeencuentroentreempresasextranjerasychinas, promovidoporelGobiernochino ".Asimismo, elrepresentantedeCAPECHIsugirióqueestaferiaabreunaoportóqueelmercadochinosehaconvertidoenuninterésimportanteparavariospaísesporsucapacidaddeconsumoengranescala, loquehapermitidomayorparticipacióndeempresasextranjeras." Asimismo, enlosúltimosaoselinterésdelmercadochinoporproductosprocedentesdeAméricaLatinasehaconsolidado, abriendodiferentesoportunidadesdenegocios "agregó.Porotraparte, mencionóqueeldesarrolloyeficienciaalcanzadoporlasplataformasvirtualestraslapandemia" representaunagranoportunidadparalasempresasperuanas, decontactarpotencialesnuevoscompradoresodesarrollarlosexistentes "" Consideramos (laCIIE) unaimportanteiniciativadelGobiernochinoquepermitefomentarlasimportacioneschinas"CLULYYLEPRESIDENDECAPECHI ..

Cao Hongxin: Everyone is the first responsible person

    "Building a healthy China, everyone has a health, both responsibility for the state, society and health care industries, is the responsibility of each family and individual. "Recently, Cao Hongxin, president of the Chinese Medical Cultural Heritage Protection Association, is recommended to accept the" Economic Report "reporter interview," Strengthening everyone is the concept of safeguarding the […]

Beijing Dongcheng Girl Road Street Street New Folk Qingqing National Day residents eat "longevity noodles"

People’s Network September 30 (Pool Dream) September 30 Folk activities, the site invites regional residents, new state express, takeaway small brothers, together to meet the upcoming National Day. The fluttering red flag, the red fire Chinese knot, the hot noodles … Tiantan Dongli 50th floor, the courtyard is very lively, and the joy atmosphere is […]

Sichuan Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Former Director, Wang Ting, deputy general manager, seriously violated the law, was expelled from party or public office

  A few days ago, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee was approved by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission conducted a case review investigation on the original directors and deputy general manager of Sichuan Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd..   After investigation, Wang Ting’s ideal beliefs, the awareness of the discipline […]

People’s Network Review: Leave more Chinese figure for the vast space

Original title: People’s Net Assessment: Leave more Chinese figure for vast space, launch, lift! At 9:22 on June 17, 2021, Beijing Time, Music No. 2 F-Zeng, the Long March 2, which was carrying the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft, sparing in the satellite satellite launch center, Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft successfully entered The book is scheduled […]

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in the sea area near the Vière of North Sula, Indonesia

Xinhua News Agency Jakarta November 6th, Indonesia, Southern Sea, Southern Southern Southern Sea, three earthquakes, currently no casualties and property losses. According to the website of Indonesia, Climate and Earth Physics, the earthquake occurred in Jakarta time at 21:37 (22:37 Beijing time), and the earthquake is located in the south of Nantogon County, Northern Southern […]

Putin: Russia and Boai border refugee crisis have no relationships

Recommended reading Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, achieving a diversified wear device, and performs monitoring these capabilities to open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency […]

The 72nd Group Army’s trip actual warning training first put the opponent

Aerial, multi-target shuttle shuttle; ground, multi-type air defense weapon has been knitted "Tianwang" … Mid-August, the 72nd Group Army A Brigade Airlines Camp Organized Anti-TRIC Campaign. Red dozens of missile batts hide standby in the reeds of the shore, and multi-vehicle radar runs at high speed. Suddenly, the radar screen light sparks, and the number […]