“maybe,The other master forgot to mention this one,He doesn’t understand。”

The woman standing beside this young man,I heard what my brother said,Defend Lin Yu。 “Humph!Forgot to say?” “When have you met a master,I would forget such an important thing?” The man heard his sister,Actually defended this person,I’m not happy for a moment。 “Brother,maybe,The other’s master,I just forgot!” Finished,This woman looks at the Danhui people,Open road:“I […]

Yuxing’s first general meeting of shareholders ended without any risk。Next is a peaceful day,Li Tianchou looked restless,Besides drinking tea and chatting with You Shilong in the courtyard,Just go back to sleep,Didn’t do anything business。I’m going back to Cai’s home with Xiao Song the next day,This mental state is obviously abnormal,He himself couldn’t tell why。

At dinner,Li Tianchou went to the restaurant and had a meal with Zhu Lei。Chatting after dinner,The phone in Zhu Lei’s arms rang,He frowned slightly,Pulled out a blue phone。 This phone is specially used to contact the mountain,Because Li Tianchou often goes out to toss,So leave it to Zhu Lei for safekeeping。The time period for each […]

“but。。。This seems to be an acceleration of time?”

Because the soul is connected,Li Ming’s avatar of the demon killer can naturally perceive the state of the deity。 Time vortex,Essentially, it is a closed time acceleration space formed in a special place like the time river.。 Li Ming can feel the difference in time flow between different clones。 “10081Time velocity?According to the news I […]

This is illogical,When Li Tianzhen was frozen into ice again,Finally calm down and think,As long as the gate of heaven exists in this universe,Then it is the creation of chaos,At least derivative,We must follow the laws of this universe,Unless this place no longer exists or has been invaded and disguised on a large scale。

Li Tianzhen remembered the position of the gate of heaven in the starry sky map,Located in the central star cluster to the north of the entire universe,This should be the initial place of chaos creation,To the south of the Central Star Cluster is the original land of Hongmeng headed by Yuanjie,Including the wild world、Faith、The ancient […]

“Mr,How about your wife?”The boss didn’t even feel embarrassed,After Tian Xingyao reminded her,Just ask。

Xiao Fan didn’t speak,I walked directly towards Lin Yuna, who was still swimming in the sea of wedding dresses.。 “Yoona,stop looking,Let’s go choose a wedding dress!”Xiao Fan said directly。 Lin Yoona knew this moment,It’s just a reflection that she has already walked out to a far place alone。 Suddenly,Lin Yoona’s face blushed,Said to Lin Yoona […]

However, the Fumin Treasure City, which has not been open for long, is a bit deserted,Look in,Although the decoration is very high-end,Not many people in and out,Like abandoned。

Hua Tsai, who walked so many places with Brother Hu, feels normal,Antique market,It’s often the higher the grade,The more deserted。It is equivalent to invisibly rejecting many small players。 See the scene,Zhang Qingliang is a little embarrassed,I feel like something went wrong in what I introduced。 “This kind of place,Want to pick up,That’s really hard。”Hua Zi […]

It’s just that now he is also a little embarrassed,Because if you really see Du Heng,Qin Feng definitely wanted to ask who else was involved in this matter back then。And who is the real man behind the scenes!

However, if you spend more time on interrogation,Then it is impossible for him to kill Du Heng silently。In this way, other troubles may be involved。 Qin Feng’s revenge has never wanted to involve official power。After all, if someone investigates,It will be very difficult for him to walk on the street in an open manner in […]

Just when everyone is a little lost,When I take it for granted,The whistle on the court suddenly blew。

“Thug foul!Three free throws。”The voice of the referee teacher lifted the spirits of many people present,Have widened their eyes。 “I did not foul!”Chen Guanfeng shouted dissatisfied。 Lu Menglin smiled and raised his arm,There is a light red mark on the back of the hand,Like being scraped out by nails。 Between the two offensive and defensive,Chen […]

Venerable Fan Da nodded,Took out something from behind,In the palm of your hand。

That is a crystal ore shining with silver light,About the size of two fists,The inside of this crystal ore,It’s about a slap-sized object,Emit a pale yellow light。 Looks like half a banana,Like a little ivory,Superb at a glance。 Tu Luming stared at the crystal mine for a long while,Finally said nothing,Sat down silently。 Hong Tairan’s […]

The ones he gambled down,Basically, they didn’t get advice from Populus。I can’t go and ask Populus for every piece,if that’s the case,It feels like someone is working for you。

People are not obligated to do this,Although you asked,Populus will give pointers,But often bother,Favor will gradually fade。Lao Zhao is not such a short-sighted person,Will not abuse favors。 Can be solved with money,Try not to use favors。 The same for others,Like Song Ying and others,Did not deliberately ask Populus to help see the jade rough。 “Xiao […]