Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Trial Service garandeert de vijfde werkuitwisseling van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development wordt gehouden in Tianjin

Originele titel: Service Gegarandeerd Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Development 10 september ZHAO FEI, lid van het Permanent Comité van het Gemeentelijk Comité van Tianjin, en de secretaris van het Gemeentelijk Comité van het Comité Gemeentelijk Partij, woonde en leverde een toespraak, Zhu Ya, de partijsecretaris van de PEKING-procurator, de secretaris van de partijgroep, Van Tianjin-procuratoraat, de secretaris […]

Come on! The first "micro-science panel" in Guanshan Lake is officially opened in this street.

Students understand knowledge through aerospace interactions. Guanshan Lake District Rongsi Media Center is for map "This is’ Tianyue ‘!" "The original’ Day question mark" can fly so far! "" Grandma, you see this static ball is really meaning! "… Recently, Zioshan Lake District Association The first "micro-science panel" in the residential area of ??Century City […]

Chongqing University held 2021 "Excellent Youth Scholar Autumn Forum"

  People’s Network Chongqing November 22 electricity for the implementation of the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, November 21st, "2021 Chongqing Yingcai Conference" hosted by Chongqing University-Chongqing University Excellent Youth Scholar Autumn Forum "opened. The opening ceremony of this session is synchronized in the form of online + offline, and the 502 excellent young […]

De Two-Strait-noodreddingssamenwerking "Verder" zal de landschap ten goede komen

  (Taihai Guanlan) Noodsituatie-samenwerking "Verder" zal ten goede komen aan de landgenoten op 17 november, een Jiangxi Jiujiang City Freighter in Madao ligt in het zuiden van de zee, Fujian Maritime Search and Rescue Center, Taipei Zhonghua Search and Rescue Association Rescue; hoewel de Cargo-schip wordt zinkt, 11 bemanning wordt gered.   Voor deze zoek en redding, […]

Shaanxi 化: 金秋 时 节 果飘 香

People’s Network Xianyang November 3 (Reporter Wu Chao) On November 2ndThe orchard is full of laughter, a busy scene.The base is driven by Shaanxi Red Fruit Technology Agriculture Co., Ltd. to develop a surrounding people to develop 1500 mu of pendant anvils, which not only drive industrial transformation, but also guides the masses to enter […]

Shijiazhuang is safe and united to relieve the sealing area and control area

Original title: Shijiazhuang is safe and united to relieve the sealing area and the control area from November 6th, Shijiazhuang New Crown Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference, November 5th to 24 o’clock, Jinzhou City is isolated The first example found in the detection of nucleic acid was converted into a diagnosis case. […]

Safeguarding labor is the dignity of people

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the local publicity special press conference to protect labor is the maintenance of people’s dignity on November 14, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the Near Employment Press Release in Urumqi, in a comprehensive introduction of Xinjiang labor employment. "In the past, seeds and holy workers were the main source of […]