“Yu Xing Haixuanhe!”Li Mingyao looks away,Look at the stunning river。

Xuanhe,One of the ten scenic spots of Yu Xinghai。 Although not dangerous,But the most shocking picture。 Even with this Xuanhe as its source,Countless practitioners have created many magical powers。 For example, Emperor Jiuhe in the Immortal Palace of Dao League,Created《Xuanhe》Occult,Even the fragments of this secret technique have spread to the world of chaos。 Actually,Named as《Xuanhe》There […]

Thinking about this question,Wang Youcai started the car。He has to go back to the base as soon as possible,As long as the things on hand are done,He can ask for leave like Hu Huiru。

Things like opening a hospital,With his wealth of wealth,Really not good。It seems that he has to go to the provincial capital in person,Without second brother’s help,He doesn’t know where to start this matter。 Thinking of something like this,I even forgot to eat lunch。He drove the car back to his office in Chenzhuang。Lie down on the […]

Fuming’s mouth shows a smile,Didn’t tell the story about the death of the profound beast。

“It’s fine” Nangong Aoxue got up and glanced at Fu Ming,Immediately showed a happy smile,He said before that he was not worried about his death,But how could this kind of thing be forgotten,He is not a cold-blooded animal。 “I have one more thing to ask you to help” . ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Forty […]

To verify the judgment,Li Tianzhi inspected several other meteorites with different shapes,All have similar situations,He finally understood,These trivial meteorites scattered everywhere are actually the products of one or several civilizations,Are all weapons for combat。

This is the site of an interstellar battlefield!Although it is impossible to go back to the scene of the battle,But it was so tragic that it destroyed and shattered several days of the world here,How terrible it is,Although after a long time,But due to some kind of energy field,This battlefield has always maintained the overall […]

“Nothing,”Chen Geng said casually:“The people from GM before you came,I told them,If you give the cash Saboban this look……”

Replaced with this styling and interior for the cash Chevrolet Saboban?Bernard’s pupils shrank suddenly,Nodded slowly:“I know,Ford will give you an answer as soon as possible。” ………… Bernard left in a hurry,He needs to send the photos taken together with his report as soon as possible,And urge management to make decisions,And at the scene,Bernard is away,Rosemary […]

“Minister in!”

“starting today,You manage everything in the Chinese Army for me,Be the commander-in-chief of the entire sword city,Commander the Army of the Sword Forge City,Military order here,The lord with the sword is here,If there is a violation,cut!” Zhu Xie was completely stunned,Hand over the entire sword city to yourself?I am only in my twenties,Are you qualified […]

“Who knows that today at Houston George Bush International Airport,I’m about to board the plane,Unfortunately, I was found by people who arrested me everywhere,I was so scared that I boarded and ran into the plane。”

“I thought I could get away on the plane,Who knows they followed on the plane again,Then there happened the scene on the plane where they injured me to catch me,You’ll know what’s next。” “and many more!and many more!”Hear here,Qiao Daye called out Xu Jiahao。 Although GEODIS has grown into five big and three rough,The temper […]

“Lord Wuhao,you are back!”The sin priest is the most sensitive,Hurriedly shouted。

Everyone took a closer look,The figure standing at the head of the city,Who else is not Master Wuhao?? Huang Shaotian took the first big step forward,There are tears in a pair of beautiful eyes。 “Brother Wuhao,Are you OK?”Huang Shaotian can’t hold himself,Open arms almost subconsciously,Want to hug him,But he stopped abruptly in the middle of […]

Qin Feng was still thinking just now,A girl who didn’t go back day and night,The family didn’t even have a phone call。

But thinking that Fu Xiaoyi is a security guard,Maybe for this reason,Family members are more at ease,Unexpectedly,She turned off,That’s why…… As expected,Fu Xiaoyi just turned on the phone,A phone came in。 “Niuniu,Come to the hospital,Your father……” “What’s wrong with my dad?”I heard my mother in a hurry on the phone,Fu Xiaoyi’s heart suddenly touched his […]