Lu Haocheng is in terror,I always kill her.。

and,Her home world,Lu Haocheng can’t move her。 Lin Zishi has confident,There is also a bottom gas。 Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zihang kept walking,Brow keeps tight,How is this woman come up?? Who is so bold?,Dare to put this woman up? “Continental,I really just want to apologize.,Last time,I have always wanted to give an apology to […]

Finished saying this,Before Zhu Minglang reacts,It stared at the butt of Xiantulong,Then surprised:“Corrupt?I didn’t expect that there are still beasts in this world,It’s still a beast that transforms into a dragon,Looks pretty cute!”

Only then did the little beast put his head up,Looking at Mr. Koi carefully。 “Koi for Alzheimer’s?”The sound of the little beast is really crisp,It sounds pleasant。 “What dementia。Have you heard of Dazhi Ruoyu?,I have great wisdom in my head,Selectively forget some useless details of life!”Mr. Koi angrily argued。 “Damn,I forgot again。”At this moment,Xiantulong called,Covered […]

“Boss Wang!I said i’m leaving,What are you waiting for?Play for pleasure,But don’t make it difficult?Be careful I lose my temper”Hu Huiru said,The somewhat domineering Chao Wang Youcai waved his hand。

Wang Youcai glanced at Xia Jian,Retired unhappy。Xia Jian said hurriedly:“Hu always doesn’t want to go back?OK, let’s go together!I drank too much,Thinking about going back to sleep” “OK!But you have to promise my wine bureau”Hu Huiru stood up while talking,Serious face。 ———— First0994chapter Blackmailed singing Such a beautiful woman,I don’t know how many men stick […]

Yao Junli took a breath and said:“Zhang Lu Hecun held a meeting of all cadres and party members for this matter yesterday。So if we go now, it should be an opportunity,As for whether the villagers are making trouble?It’s hard to say。But then again,This is something in their village”

Xia Jian nodded and said:“Then you contact Lu Hao,Let’s make an appointment,Let him prepare in advance。I don’t want something like He Xiaoxi to happen again” “I will contact”Yao Junli said,So he took out his cell phone and called Zhang Luhe’s village head。 Where is Xia Jian sitting and drinking coffee,He is quietly waiting for the […]

Wen Hui turned around again and burst into tears,But in the blurry eyes,A trembling slightly、The barrel of the black hole hovering not far in front,Followed by a vague black shadow,Can’t really see it under the dazzling sunlight。

“Yuxing shareholder Wenhui,Full name Zhao Wenhui,Geng Huanzhang Adopted Son。”A cold voice came,As if not touching the world’s fireworks,It’s like verifying the body。 “who are you?”Wen Hui’s hairs stand upright,Wake up all at once,While backing in a panic,Reach for the pistol in the purse。 Unfortunately it’s too late,The opponent’s muzzle flashed,“boom”A crisp sound,Wen Hui shot in […]

“it does not matter,”Chen Geng waved his hand,To Aniston:“Although the content of the contract is confidential,But as long as Mr. Newell can promise to keep the content and specific terms of the contract confidential,This is not a problem……Mr. Newell,You must disclose the contents of the contract to a third party?”

“of course,”Newell nodded solemnly,At the same time strode towards Aniston:“I still have this professional ethics。” Chen Geng said that it was a cooperation agreement signed with Toei Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. from Aniston,Just flipped a few times,Newell nodded:“Contract is real。” Immediately return the cooperation agreement to Aniston,Back to my seat。 There is no change […]

“Of course it is possible,”Leilani·Tyler nodded:“As long as we can proveVCDThe related technology is indeed invented by Mr. Jiang Wanmeng and China Wanyan Electronics,It’s just that the patent was maliciously registered,You can get it back。”

“that……” Secretary-General Ma just started,Just listen to Leilani·Taylor went on:“Mr. Ma,If you are not in a hurry,Please listen to me first。” Secretary Ma smiled awkwardly,He also realized that his actions just now were not stable enough。 “Of course the patent can be retrieved,”Leilani·Taylor says:“But this involves several countries,This means that we not only need a […]

Some read under the desk,As for what book you are reading,That’s remarkable。

The most incomprehensible is Wang Shaoxiao sitting in the back row,He opened the pencil case,I lit a small candle inside,Said to roast some meat,Makes the classroom smell of meat。 Watching the students perform various shows,Lu Menglin sighed secretly,This is all the gods of the high school era,All kinds of unruly! “Do you want to listen […]

The eyes of everyone fell on those few guys who looked like cadres at first glance.。

Ministry of Foreign Affairs、The comrades from Guoan and the Subdistrict Office were also stunned,It’s the same problem as the old and young men who eat braised pork,Although they have received foreign guests in the past,But I’ve never met a foreigner who came out to eat the street food,I have never met a foreigner who invites […]

The last Secret Medicine Venerable who spoke,Is a short and stout man,The feeling he gave to Lu Menglin,Even a bit like Ma Haoqi,This kind of person doesn’t move the truth,You never know how much power he will explode。

The Venerable Edgar who looked like an Indian laughed loudly:“Bart,You hate it more than Lance’s cat!Always tell the truth,Someday,I will pull your tongue out and feed the cat!” That short and stout,Venerable Secret Medicine named Bart snorted coldly,Anger:“Then you try!Or let’s play a game first!Whoever loses will roll from here all the way to the […]