De eerste directe Direct Tang-dynastie in het district Beijing-Tanggang opende in Rusland.

  Originele titel: De eerste Direct Direct Rusland China-EU-klasse geopend op 27 juli China Spoorweg Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Moskou, Rusland, Rusland. Dit is de Chinese Europese klasse in het Kyotang Port-gebied naar Rusland. "Deze Chinese Europese klasse is geladen met exportgoederen, zoals textiel, hardware, warenhuis, naar verwachting in Moskou Vercyino-station na 20 dagen om […]

China @ 四 川 | Crossing thousands of miles of Sichuan Education Class

  Xinhua News Agency, March 18th (Reporter Gao Peng Yang Di) "The ancient discipline, there is not only the talents of the world, and there will be a good one," accompanied by the Your Guzheng, Sichuan Liangshan Yi The students of Dongfanghong Elementary School in Zhaoji County, the autonomous state, recited ancient classics, and passed the […]

Anhui Province strictly implements the Yangtze River "Ten Years Forbidden Dish"

Original title: Strictly implement the Yangtze River "10 years of bienical born" strictly implemented the Yangtze River "ten years of bientery" The thirtieth conference of the Third People’s Congress Standing Committee listened to the report of the ecological environment protection work in the Yangtze River Basin of Anhui Province. Implementing the ban on the arrest […]

Sichuan Tianfu New District Unicorn Island opened

  Located in the east side of Chengdu Xinglong Lake.Xiao Yao Ma is taken on October 28th, Sichuan Tianfu New District Unicorn Island "Opening". At the event, 10 new economic industry companies, quasi-unicorn companies and investment institutions, started the construction of unicorn island ecological alliance.The unicorn island is located on the east side of Chengdu Xinglong […]

Tasten the history of ? follow the general secretary: I have walked a piece of "victory" road

Two years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote a congratulatory letter to Daqing Oilfield, congratulating the 60th anniversary of China’s largest oil production base. On October 21 this year, the general secretary of Shandong came to Victory Oilfield, which is another big oil field rise on the rise of the new Chinese. This year is […]