Deepen cross-border trade facilitation reform

[] Harvesting and other departments have introduced 27 refinement initiatives – deepening cross-border trade facilitation reform New Deal landing "In recent years, my country’s port business environment continues to optimize, cross-border trade facilitation levels have increased year by year, but there are still some plugging , Pain points and difficulties need to be unified to […]

Beihai Country Revitalization and Reservoir Immigration Work Bureau former Director Tour Junyu seriously violated the law and was expelled from party or public office

  [Original title] Beihai Rural Revitalization and Reservoir Immigration Work Bureau Former Director Junyu seriously violated the law and was opened to the party and public office Autonomous Region Notice on October 31. Recently, the Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for the Zhenxing and Reservoir Revitalization of Beihai City Tour Junyu seriously violated illegal […]

2021 Science and Technology Achievements Expressway (Hebei Station) is about to start

On November 12th, "2021 Science and Technology Achievements Express Trading (Hebei Station) will be held in Hebei Science and Technology Achievements. It is understood that this event is hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Hosted by the Hebei Science and Technology Department, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Hebei Science and Technology Achievements Display Trading […]

2020 first Central Plains Makeup Festival Closing Sockets New Missive Create Fashion Industry Highland

Recently, the "2020 First Central Plains Beauty Festival" hosted by the Xinmi Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, the "2020 First Central Plains Beauty Festival" has been successfully held in Zhengzhou New Middle School. This marks the new secret to the development of beautiful economy, and draw a concentrated color on the painting of the central […]

Tax Hui people do practical things to deepen the reform and opening new bureau – Tianjin Channel – People’s Network

This year, "Casual Tax Tax Spring Breeze" is the theme of "Fighting and Conceived Service Development Service", continues to deepen the "venting service" reform of the tax system, optimize the tax business environment, and strive to support the anti-epidemic and enterprise complex production, service economy Social development, help to build a well-off society in an […]

Agricultural Rural Ministry: Rural demo toilets must fully respect the wishes of farmers to insist on quality effectiveness

People’s Network Beijing April 23 (Reporter Li Yuan) Xiaokang is not well-low, the toilet is a piece. According to the website news of the agricultural rural part, the problems of some local rural toilets have been conducted. Since the three-year action of rural people’s environmental remediation in 2018, the rural toilet revolution has been actively […]

Sichuan 4 City State released the latest personnel

Mianyang City – Zheng Zhiheng was elected by Chairman of the Mianyang City Federation of Commerce on November 3, the second plenary meeting of the 8th Committee of the Mianyang City Federation, the Standing Committee of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department Zheng Zhiheng was elected Mianyang Federation of Trade Union Chairman […]