At this moment,Yao Junli opened the door with the key and walked in,She laughed and said:“What to go,I have arranged,They will deliver the food here in a while,The three of us have a little wine,Let’s chat!”

“no need,I really have to go。You should stay with Xia Jian!After all, he came here from Pingyang Town,It’s really commendable that he has this heart”Ouyang Hong said,Turn around and leave。 Yao Junli reached out to pull her,Couldn’t hold her。It seems that this time a good intention has been decided,Can’t keep it。Xia Jian sat still,He thought,Just […]

“It’s nothing more than a group of powerful children,They often hang up together,Relying on the strong background in the imperial capital,It can be said to do no evil,Harm to civilians。”

“About three or four months ago,There is a relative who has lived in our outer court,Their daughter entered the Gulong Palace as an apprentice,It didn’t take long to enter the Gulong Palace,Was taken by one of the imperial gang,Various harassment,Various threats。” “It seems that the girl lost her body in the end,Zhu Tong was very […]

Xia Jian parked the car on the side of the road,Thinking about what this person meant by calling。Old friend?Still a woman,Who is this?Xia Jian thought about it,Just can’t remember。

Didn’t you just meet??She can still eat him,Xia Jian thought of this,So I drove to Lishui people’s house。 ? ———— First1448chapter The other way around Xia Jian spent a few years in Bucheon,I’m fairly familiar with the route here。No effort,The car has been parked in Lishui’s parking lot。 This Lishui family has six floors in […]

Not only that,Considering what Chen Geng said before“tay”MK650Develop a larger thrust engine for the foundation,This one in front of youH6-4Actually not“Complete body”:If Chen Geng can really come up with a maximum thrust100KNTurbofan engine,H6-4The maximum take-off weight can reach150Ton!

What Wang Xiaodong didn’t say is,This is the first generationH6-4,Actually doingH6-4Project location,Xifei has considered the possibility of future upgrades and improvements,Already the second generation、Third generationH6-4Well planned,According to XAC’s plan,As long as the project goes well,Third generationH6-4Will be equipped with four thrusters110KNEngine、The maximum take-off weight is180to190Ton bomber。 If you can really achieve this goal,It means that […]

Lord Chen said in doubt:“Shouldn’t be?Does Chen Wenjin like her??I never saw her go to the securities department,And the one by her named Xiao Gao,Look at them two are very close,It seems to be talking。”

“That’s why I asked about Xiao Xiao’s family situation!Chen Wenjin must have talked with Huang Hui,I used to call in the middle of the night,I quietly took the phone to hear that they were talking about studying,I guess it was for me。Now they don’t seem to be talking,Xiao Xiaochang is so pretty,Always go to the […]

Because it arrived,So others have adapted to the situation here。

This place is naturally not Daxinganling,It’s just a real forest,The place here is in an unmanned environment all year round,In a completely original state,The surrounding plants are much stronger than those seen outside。 Wan Jianzong was the largest sect thousands of years ago,Its scale is not small,What kind of power is it possible to install […]

Different from his own office,Lin Yoona’s office is extremely spacious,And look out from the window,The vision is also exceptionally good。

Sure enough, the general manager’s office is nothing compared to it! Look at the office decoration and furnishings,Also fits Lin Yoona’s identity。 Simple decoration,Organized work area,Look at Lin Yuner’s petite figure sitting behind her desk and working meticulously。 There is no sense of disobedience! “Have you seen enough?”A voice came。 Xiao Fan coughed awkwardly,Did not […]

“It seems,You still have to have a group of reserve chefs,Can’t let one’s own life gate be held so easily。”

Wu Xiaorou thought in her heart,Looked up,I saw Li Wei, who had gone with Shen Yan before, returned to the store。 Watching Li Wei,Wu Xiaorou started to have a headache again。 These days,Li Wei followed her behind her,Makes her a little annoying,Like a mangy dog,Stick her around,I can’t drive away,Scold without scolding。 She regrets it […]

Dean Wang heard Xiao Fan’s words,Although I stopped blocking Lin Yoona,,But he said nervously to Xiao Fan:“but,Mr. Xiao,These children are simply too introverted,I am afraid……”

Dean Wang’s words haven’t been finished yet,Something unexpected happened to her,The children when Lin Yuna came to the playground among the children,The children didn’t even get scared back,Later, I didn’t know what Lin Yoona said to them,I saw the children actually approached Lin Yoona,It doesn’t take long,I saw that group of children actually played with […]