Chengdu: Some business enterprises scan code bright code temperature is not in place

People’s Network Chengdu November 17th (Wang Bo) On November 17 Bright code temperature is not in place, staff and consumer wear masks irregularity. Li Xiaoyong introduced that this round of epidemic, Chengdu business system has carried out an epidemic prevention in terms of technical guidance, supervision inspection, emergency management, and life necessary product protection. It […]

American scholar: Western countries are the "hypocrity" of climate issues

On November 18, the University of Massachusetts Amecta, Jaya Tie, published an article in the World Newspaper Cindya website on November 15th, entitled "Fuyu State on Climate Impact". The full text is as follows: Many people around the world have disappointed with the Second Sixth Conference of the United Nations Framework for Climate Change in […]

Defend the earth? NASA will cost $ 330 million with spaceship hit the asteroid

  [Comprehensive report] All kinds of science fictions and movies, using spacecraft or giant rockets will threaten asteroids that threatened the earth. But this trick does not care if it is used? The NASA will send a special spacecraft in the end of this month to perform actual verification by actually impacting asteroids. The US "Space" […]

This year, the national forest fire has been reduced by nearly 40% year-on-year.

  This newspaper Beijing September 20 (Reporter Gu Zhongyang) The reporter learned from the National Forest and Winter Forest Grassland Fire TV Call in the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau: 961 forest fires have occurred in the country, 6542 hectares in the country, 40 people were 40 people, which were reduced by%,%, and% in the same […]

The Ministry of Transport details the reasons for the expansion of the gap in my country’s toll highways

People’s Network Beijing October 28 (Reporter Qiao Xuefeng) Recently, the Ministry of Transport summarized and officially released the 2020 National Toll Highway Statistics. So, compared with 2019, what changes in my country’s toll roads? "As of the end of 2020, the national toll road mileage reached 10,000 kilometers, increased by 8,149 kilometers from the end […]

Chinese vrouwen volleybal team won de wereldkampioen 40 jaar "female rustist home" Vergeet het verleden

  Hoewel het een 90-jarige leeftijd, Gu Zheng heeft nog steeds een duidelijk herinneren dat in de nacht van de rij van de Chinese vrouwen won 40 jaar geleden. Op 16 november 1981, de Chinese dames volleybal team versloeg het Japanse team in de finale van de 3e World Cup vrouwen volleybal wedstrijd, en won het […]

Tianjin procuratorial organs filed a public prosecution on Zhao Guozhong, Wang Yuxing according to law

Original title: Tianjin procuratorial organs are in accordance with Zhao Guozhong, Wang Yuxing, learned from the Tianjin Municipal People’s Procuratorate, and Zhao Guozhong, the original party secretary of the Housing Construction Engineering, Nankai District, has been filed by the prosecution. Zhao Guozhong (head), Secretary of the Housing Construction Engineering Company, Nankai District, is suspected of […]

Two bombings witnessed blood

"The enemy gunfire violently, in the absence of advanced equipment, we have twisted the battle with 6 hills. Everyone seeing this shock is that the battle is left. "In late August, the army has a regiment of the Red Army. Yang Xingwang’s affectionate tells, pulling the officers’ thoughts back over more than 70 years ago […]