Palace Qingwen stared at her.,The hometown of the palace is straightforward.。Just, she is thinking about whether the condition will be greatly opened.,I heard the palace clear sigh.。

“Ugh,You?,Really, it’s a lot of money.,Even your younger brother。” “surface……Table。” “Blood is full of water。” Chapter 89 Conflict of the living room Out of your own room,Palace Qingwen just want to follow her room to her room。 Just on the sofa of the living room,I saw the twin brothers who went to the palace […]

Demystifying the hidden intellectual property "Thunder Area" in the "Internet Red Economy"

  "Improper competition disputes are also intellectual property cases. Such cases have occurred in ‘Internet Red Economy’. "Chen Jing said that in addition to the competitive disputes caused by online evaluation," video movement "is also a high incidence of intellectual property cases in the" Internet Red Economy ". Video platforms, similar video content can be seen. […]


Please collect this site to read the latest! NS2343chapter Anger “kill!” Pose a threat,Facing the conspiracy trick,Face two disdainful and fascinating smiles…… Summer responded in action。 The murderous murder of the ready-made murderous is like a cold winter! The accumulated 戾 戾 他 他 红! Summer is not a ruthless person,Not not waiting to live […]

Foreign media: Indonesia invited Putin to attend the G20 summit, and the United States stated that he opposed it

It was reported on April 30. According to the AFC News, Indonesian President Zoko said on the 29th local time that Indonesia faced the opposition pressure from the United States and invited Russian President Putin and Ukraine President Zelei The Twenty Group (G20) summit. Indonesia is the G20 round of chairman country in 2022. It […]

“Mogao Grottoes?”

“Well-known,But you don’t have to go.。Because it is only built in the Qin period of the 16th National Kingdoms.,Then there are buildings in the past.,I have achieved the current look.。Even later, you have come back to the Western region.,It is not necessarily called this name at the time.。” “Is there a lot of murals and […]

On March 9th, Lianyungang added 13 cases of confirmed cases of the soil. Three cases of the soil were asymptomatic infected

People’s Daily Online, Nanjing, March 10th (Xiao Xiao) Jiangsu Lianyungang City’s new crown pneumonia epidemic emergency response to the office issued a notice on March 10th. There were 11 new cases, 1 case of development zones and Guanyun County; 3 newly added infected infections in the city, including 2 cases of Haizhou District and 1 […]


noon。 A group of people sit in the hotel。 Nan Ge’s doubtful looking towards buns,I only see a cup of Haagen-Dazs.,Let’s take a look at the leisurely,Eat,A pair of expressions that do not smell the window,Nan Ge does not help but look away:“Why is she has ice cream??we do not have。” “Because the hotel has […]

British universities strike again

International students in the new semester rushed to the United Kingdom to study under pressure and viruses, but in less than April, they had experienced three rounds of collective strikes of teachers. In fact, the news of the strike of British university teachers in recent years is nothing new. The strike of the British University […]

What’s more, now he fled,Old Ancestor Burning might not be sheltering him,Then his fate is doomed。

the other side,Li Ming’s eyes flicker。 Unexpected,He waved a set of Fuxi sticks,The gossip evolves into a cloud and isolated,Bind the Burning Ancestor。 And the next moment,Sparkle,The ancestor of Burning Heaven broke through the formation with a pure sun sword。 It’s not that Li Ming’s realm is not high,It’s that his power is far inferior […]