16 illusions of skin care

_1 16 illusions of skin care Using visual “illusion” makeup, we hide our shortcomings and create beautiful makeup. However, if you have a psychological illusion during the skin care process, it will be a serious problem. Look at the sixteen Illusions about skin care here, and ask yourself how many of them.   1. Any soap […]

Seven ways to say goodbye to motion sickness!

Seven ways to say goodbye to motion sickness! Have you ever been motion sick, seasick or even motion sick during your journey? Medically speaking, motion sickness, seasickness, and motion sickness are collectively called motion sickness. Although this disease is not a difficult disease, but because the symptoms are very uncomfortable, we introduce seven methods below: […]

Your baby has a bad temper

Your baby has a bad temper Question: My baby is two weeks old now. He feels very temperamental, often crying, and doesn’t like drinking water. How should I do it?   Expert: Fu Jianhua, Professor of Neonatal Medicine, Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University Answer: You can start from these aspects. First, consider whether it […]

You can eat a slim figure if you eat bread

You can eat a slim figure if you eat bread The bread was delicious and embarrassing to think of it, but the MM who was losing weight was eager to wear it. Now I will tell you how to eat bread so as to achieve weight loss. . hzh{display:none;}  吃法一:不要在吐司上涂太多的果酱  首先就是注意与面包相配食用的作料,我们一般不爱吃白口面包,所以在上面加了各色的果酱以及做For sandwiches, the conversion of the ingredients […]

Those legends about Ejiao

Those legends about Ejiao Ejiao has been called a “holy medicine” since ancient times, and it is an undeniable beauty for women. There are many legends about Ejiao in history. For example, Yang Guifei’s “skinny skin gel” is the reason for Ejiao. In addition, there is the story of Zhu Xi’s filial mother persuading Ejiao. […]