Qiao Tianyu wanted to go back to the hotel and call the driver to the manor,But then he dismissed the idea。

Since the box has been robbed,Even if I go to the manor, there is nothing to help,Don’t mess around! This evening,Qiao Tianyu was so angry that he couldn’t sleep。 Early next morning,Qiao Tianyu asked Little Fat Face to have breakfast with the driver,But when the chubby face appeared in the restaurant,Qiao Tianyu was dumbfounded。 Chubby […]

Dean Wang heard Xiao Fan’s words,Although I stopped blocking Lin Yoona,,But he said nervously to Xiao Fan:“but,Mr. Xiao,These children are simply too introverted,I am afraid……”

Dean Wang’s words haven’t been finished yet,Something unexpected happened to her,The children when Lin Yuna came to the playground among the children,The children didn’t even get scared back,Later, I didn’t know what Lin Yoona said to them,I saw the children actually approached Lin Yoona,It doesn’t take long,I saw that group of children actually played with […]

“No.No。”Jordaan shook his head,“That’s why we have to reassess the implementation of the first phase of the policy。”

“Well,Comrade Sergey,I can tell you,This does not require evaluation,The Federal Statistical Office has ready data。” Speaking, Qiao Tianyu took out a copy of the data sheet,Shook in front of everyone。 “According to statistics from the Federal Statistical Office,The first stage is for the people1.48Billion National Securities,93%Is no longer in the hands of the people,Most of […]

“what!”There was a strange scream in midair。

Among those transparent fishing nets made of white marks,It turned out a figure。 With the shrinking of the toad fishing wire,The figure in the air is getting clearer。 Suddenly,The media reporters and photographers around the stage,One after another aimed the camera at the alien phase in mid-air,Film this scene clearly。 “Oh my god!That figure is […]

Moreover, Andre, who came from a big financial oligarch family, has a well-earned family since childhood,He can’t be moved by money,So he is even less likely to be the designer。

Of course,Whether it’s Li Jiaxing,Still Andre,After rebirth, Qiao Tianyu contacted them many times,So Qiao Tianyu is sure to confirm,Those two little donkeys are definitely not“Reborn”! and so,Li Jiaxing and Andre were easily excluded from the list by Qiao Tianyu。 After removing those two little donkeys,Qiao Tianyu is the only candidate for inspection“Joe’s Four King Kong”The […]


———— Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven Smuggling table Subsequently,What belt、Clothes etc.,Varying amounts。Although the auction price is not high,But at least someone wants,Unlike the Indian goldware just now,Nobody cares。 Populus did not act,Until a batch of smuggled watches appeared,There are several brands,Sorted out one by one,Batch bidding。 Among them is a Swiss brand——Cartier,It is also […]

“Young master be careful!”

“Ok?” The grey-robed man saw the clue,The shameless person actually stopped,And the one who casts the sword city is on the other side,It’s impossible to help at this time。 “Bang!” Even if that guy comes,He has to let him pay for driving。 Yuan Huo wrapped his fists and collided with the gray-robed man,The sword in […]

The ones he gambled down,Basically, they didn’t get advice from Populus。I can’t go and ask Populus for every piece,if that’s the case,It feels like someone is working for you。

People are not obligated to do this,Although you asked,Populus will give pointers,But often bother,Favor will gradually fade。Lao Zhao is not such a short-sighted person,Will not abuse favors。 Can be solved with money,Try not to use favors。 The same for others,Like Song Ying and others,Did not deliberately ask Populus to help see the jade rough。 “Xiao […]

Because she will directly equate the murderous Abao with the extremely evil murderers in movies and TV,So I really didn’t say anything。

Under the night。 On the sidewalk。 Qiangwei walks ahead,Xiaohua is behind,But my eyes never leave Qiangwei’s body。 “Xiaohua,I know it’s not good。but,I really miss the time we hugged briefly last night,You may not believe,When I first saw you,I just like you。” “……I believe。”Xiaohua’s mood is very tangled,He also thinks about last night all day……The gaze […]


Bros,Sorry,Take another day off Bros,sorry,I just found out what I wrote tonight is a bit inappropriate,Need to push to rewrite,Ask for a day off,Please forgive me brothers。 ———— First1051chapter outdated Little Macdonald is a shrewd man,Looking at Macomb·Hughes began to slow down,I know the guy here has been shaken,He immediately added another fire:“Mr. Hughes,These intention […]