Qin Feng was still thinking just now,A girl who didn’t go back day and night,The family didn’t even have a phone call。

But thinking that Fu Xiaoyi is a security guard,Maybe for this reason,Family members are more at ease,Unexpectedly,She turned off,That’s why…… As expected,Fu Xiaoyi just turned on the phone,A phone came in。 “Niuniu,Come to the hospital,Your father……” “What’s wrong with my dad?”I heard my mother in a hurry on the phone,Fu Xiaoyi’s heart suddenly touched his […]

“I won’t call you an ambulance,Why don’t you call,Call my companion back?”

Xiang Chen looked at the people in the two cars who were trying to climb out,But Xiang Chen knows very little about He Guo’s language,So the conversation with a few people,It’s all about the same thing。 Stand up straight,Xiang Chen scratched his head in pain,I wanted to mention that Zhou Ziyi and the others blocked […]