“Mr,How about your wife?”The boss didn’t even feel embarrassed,After Tian Xingyao reminded her,Just ask。

Xiao Fan didn’t speak,I walked directly towards Lin Yuna, who was still swimming in the sea of wedding dresses.。 “Yoona,stop looking,Let’s go choose a wedding dress!”Xiao Fan said directly。 Lin Yoona knew this moment,It’s just a reflection that she has already walked out to a far place alone。 Suddenly,Lin Yoona’s face blushed,Said to Lin Yoona […]

“it does not matter,”Chen Geng waved his hand,To Aniston:“Although the content of the contract is confidential,But as long as Mr. Newell can promise to keep the content and specific terms of the contract confidential,This is not a problem……Mr. Newell,You must disclose the contents of the contract to a third party?”

“of course,”Newell nodded solemnly,At the same time strode towards Aniston:“I still have this professional ethics。” Chen Geng said that it was a cooperation agreement signed with Toei Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. from Aniston,Just flipped a few times,Newell nodded:“Contract is real。” Immediately return the cooperation agreement to Aniston,Back to my seat。 There is no change […]

Ye Xingkong pours a little water from the teapot to the teacup,Go in and probe with a silver needle,Take out the silver needle and take a closer look,The silver needle did not change color at all,Repeated several times,Still no discoloration,Very puzzled。

“what happened?Is not very toxic,Or didn’t release it originally?”Ye Xingkong asked himself。 “Maybe you made a mistake,How could Xiaoyun do anything to harm me??”Chen Limu said puzzledly。 “What if,I regret that,Don’t have a defensive heart。”Ye Xingkong reminded。 “I know,thank you for your concern。”Chen Limu felt that Ye Xingkong had“The heart of a villain saves the […]

Not only that,Considering what Chen Geng said before“tay”MK650Develop a larger thrust engine for the foundation,This one in front of youH6-4Actually not“Complete body”:If Chen Geng can really come up with a maximum thrust100KNTurbofan engine,H6-4The maximum take-off weight can reach150Ton!

What Wang Xiaodong didn’t say is,This is the first generationH6-4,Actually doingH6-4Project location,Xifei has considered the possibility of future upgrades and improvements,Already the second generation、Third generationH6-4Well planned,According to XAC’s plan,As long as the project goes well,Third generationH6-4Will be equipped with four thrusters110KNEngine、The maximum take-off weight is180to190Ton bomber。 If you can really achieve this goal,It means that […]

Lianfeng looked at Xin Zhao walking out around the towel,Not only did not blush,Instead smiled at him,Then sincerely comment。

‘Lianfeng what does this mean,Said he was in good shape,Is it to take advantage of yourself,I want to follow,Or from it!’ Thinking in my heart,Xin Zhao walked straight over,And then sat beside Lianfeng“Pitiful beauty,Did you know that you broke into a man’s room like this,Is actually a great sin。” “how,Are you going to punish me!”Lianfeng […]


———— text Chapter 271 New Era In the next month,The Three Kingdoms Killing board game soon became popular in various entertainment venues in the deep city。 For a while,Isn’t it popular even in nightclub boxes?KSang,The big buddies who came to play have ordered me,Everyone sits together and plays Three Kingdoms,And it’s called accompany play,Lost drinking,Still […]

However, the Fumin Treasure City, which has not been open for long, is a bit deserted,Look in,Although the decoration is very high-end,Not many people in and out,Like abandoned。

Hua Tsai, who walked so many places with Brother Hu, feels normal,Antique market,It’s often the higher the grade,The more deserted。It is equivalent to invisibly rejecting many small players。 See the scene,Zhang Qingliang is a little embarrassed,I feel like something went wrong in what I introduced。 “This kind of place,Want to pick up,That’s really hard。”Hua Zi […]

Lord Chen said in doubt:“Shouldn’t be?Does Chen Wenjin like her??I never saw her go to the securities department,And the one by her named Xiao Gao,Look at them two are very close,It seems to be talking。”

“That’s why I asked about Xiao Xiao’s family situation!Chen Wenjin must have talked with Huang Hui,I used to call in the middle of the night,I quietly took the phone to hear that they were talking about studying,I guess it was for me。Now they don’t seem to be talking,Xiao Xiaochang is so pretty,Always go to the […]

But enter90Since the age,AMCThe growth rate and market share in the European market have also slowed down significantly,One of the big reasons is the rapid development of Japanese cars in the European market.。

Chen Geng’s idea is very simple,Since the Dongying people have been smashed in the American battlefield,Then there is no reason not to take advantage of the low morale of the Dongying people。 ………………………… It’s not time for everyone to meet,Elliott·Richardson called Chen Geng,He didn’t sell him to Chen Geng either,Speak directly:“Fernandez,I contacted Artas,They are very […]

of course,Only part。

After that cat ate,Nothing at the beginning,Just when they thought there was nothing wrong with this matter,The cat suddenly fell down。 Everyone is shocked。 This is poison in the food? “Did that guy have a problem just now??” “I go,This thing is also exciting,Dare to do it like this,Can arrest someone。” “We need to know,Is […]