Fuming’s mouth shows a smile,Didn’t tell the story about the death of the profound beast。

“It’s fine” Nangong Aoxue got up and glanced at Fu Ming,Immediately showed a happy smile,He said before that he was not worried about his death,But how could this kind of thing be forgotten,He is not a cold-blooded animal。 “I have one more thing to ask you to help” . ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Forty […]

Men are sometimes like women,I also like to lift myself a little higher。

“Hi!It’s not like that for you,Run here to whisper,Alice is upset”Ruth walked over a little drunkly,She patted Xia Jian on the shoulder,Hehe said with a smile。 Wang Lin hurriedly supported her,A bit blamed:“I’m dead after seeing the wine,Can you drink less,The body is the capital” “OK!Even you say me,I don’t want to care about you”Ruth […]

He never believes that it will receive such an important gift to see a disease.,It is normal to save the wound in his eyes.,If you have someone else’s life in exchange for interest,It is really a heart that violates him.。

“Xiao Li,You will hold it.,Qin Lao’s meaning I understand,But now you may not understand,You will understand after being taken.,If you don’t receive,Then I don’t have to let you put the pulse.。” I heard Zheng Mingyun.,Li Hui Feng is stunned.。 He has never seen this to drive people to send money.。 However, Zheng Mun Yun’s meaning […]

“Hahaha,Boss,You see these people are still killing each other!”

“This is a good thing,If not so,How can we kill one so easily?Getting closer and closer to our freedom!” “Brother Yehe,I want two this time!” “I want one!” “Haha,Don’t worry,This time there are nine gods,Two people can get one。” “Boss,Look at that woman,Isn’t it the one I wanted to kill last time??”“ “Hee hee,Are you […]

“All,Give me up!”

Wang Teng finished,Those people at Hubao Camp,It is completely desperate to start shooting here。 Even for them,Those around,How could he be his opponent?? So soon,Here are even more defeated。 But not long,Another group of bodyguards,Rushed over。 “not good,We are surrounded。” Wang Teng sees here,A little bit in my heart。 But then think again,Wang Teng feels,Actually, […]


472 I have to be serious! For Wang Yufei,All plans are moving forward step by step。 very smooth,Of course this is very angry in the eyes of other people。 Like Chen Cheng。 God knows how he came over this month。 Never expected,I don’t think that Microsoft’s sudden trouble will make Wang Yufei in a hurry,Let […]

“It’s nothing more than a group of powerful children,They often hang up together,Relying on the strong background in the imperial capital,It can be said to do no evil,Harm to civilians。”

“About three or four months ago,There is a relative who has lived in our outer court,Their daughter entered the Gulong Palace as an apprentice,It didn’t take long to enter the Gulong Palace,Was taken by one of the imperial gang,Various harassment,Various threats。” “It seems that the girl lost her body in the end,Zhu Tong was very […]

Yao Junli took a breath and said:“Zhang Lu Hecun held a meeting of all cadres and party members for this matter yesterday。So if we go now, it should be an opportunity,As for whether the villagers are making trouble?It’s hard to say。But then again,This is something in their village”

Xia Jian nodded and said:“Then you contact Lu Hao,Let’s make an appointment,Let him prepare in advance。I don’t want something like He Xiaoxi to happen again” “I will contact”Yao Junli said,So he took out his cell phone and called Zhang Luhe’s village head。 Where is Xia Jian sitting and drinking coffee,He is quietly waiting for the […]

Lin Dami is painful,If it is ANAN,She really became a sinner.。

When she is small,She also teaches Anan’s,If your own care,Still not turning her into a kind person,What should she do? Although it is not my own children,But for so many years,She carefully raised her as a child.!Other children have,She also has!扪心 心,I really never stayed.。 If your mother’s thing is really Ai An,She can’t forgive […]

When the work is done,It’s time for dinner。Sun Yuejuan has Fang Fang’s help,This dinner is cooked both hearty and fast,So when the sky just got dark,Their family has finished dinner。

Xia Jian put down his chopsticks and said:“I went to the village committee,Just leave the door to me at night”Xia Jian finished,Put on the coat,Walk outside the gate。 ———— First0441chapter Deepen The night is like ink,Cool breeze blowing,Make people feel autumn is coming。. Xia Jian came out of the door,Did not go to the village […]