When the work is done,It’s time for dinner。Sun Yuejuan has Fang Fang’s help,This dinner is cooked both hearty and fast,So when the sky just got dark,Their family has finished dinner。

Xia Jian put down his chopsticks and said:“I went to the village committee,Just leave the door to me at night”Xia Jian finished,Put on the coat,Walk outside the gate。 ———— First0441chapter Deepen The night is like ink,Cool breeze blowing,Make people feel autumn is coming。. Xia Jian came out of the door,Did not go to the village […]

But Jincheng is now in the hands of Gao Xiaoyu,If you have no tacit with him,So, you want to build a city.,It is all in the world,Impossible things!

So this will become a dead cycle.,For winning,It is necessary to south to Hedong,Jincheng and Gao Baoyi,The battle of the same year。 If you want to win this battle,Just take the city,And occupy Jincheng,Promote the defense line to the hinterland of Henan! But to do this,But I have to get the first of Gao Xiaoyu.,That […]

Xia Jian parked the car on the side of the road,Thinking about what this person meant by calling。Old friend?Still a woman,Who is this?Xia Jian thought about it,Just can’t remember。

Didn’t you just meet??She can still eat him,Xia Jian thought of this,So I drove to Lishui people’s house。 ? ———— First1448chapter The other way around Xia Jian spent a few years in Bucheon,I’m fairly familiar with the route here。No effort,The car has been parked in Lishui’s parking lot。 This Lishui family has six floors in […]

heart,Life given to formation。

According to some classics read by Li Ming,Traditional thinking,The ultimate of formation,Is the world。 For a while,One world,Contains the mystery of the world。 Li Ming now thinks,A whole world,Need life。 And for the formation,heart,Is life! In an instant,The power of the formation instantly increased a hundredfold。 Simultaneously,The space area of Xingchen Zhoutian’s domain has also […]

The big head of the black dragon,A few heavy clicks,Almost smashed the smoke next to it。

I wish Minglang hurried to meditate,To feel the faint bond between myself and the black tooth…… quickly,The black mad dragon in front of him responded,I was so surprised that I could not speak for a long time,I can only look at this head with wide eyes“Beyond recognition”Big Black Dragon! Hualong???? My own young spirit turned […]

Wen Hui turned around again and burst into tears,But in the blurry eyes,A trembling slightly、The barrel of the black hole hovering not far in front,Followed by a vague black shadow,Can’t really see it under the dazzling sunlight。

“Yuxing shareholder Wenhui,Full name Zhao Wenhui,Geng Huanzhang Adopted Son。”A cold voice came,As if not touching the world’s fireworks,It’s like verifying the body。 “who are you?”Wen Hui’s hairs stand upright,Wake up all at once,While backing in a panic,Reach for the pistol in the purse。 Unfortunately it’s too late,The opponent’s muzzle flashed,“boom”A crisp sound,Wen Hui shot in […]

The gods onlookers were stunned,Then swarmed up,The wounded were rescued by digging and planing,Okay,Everyone has no life worry,The ultimate wounded is Venerable Palmprint,Followed by Li Tianzhi,Under his body is the unlucky fire pig,The injury was not a fall,It was the trauma caused by the ferocious shock wave after Venus exploded,Maybe it’s the resistance of such a peerless baby who hides two black scrolls,Otherwise, he would have been bombarded long ago and not even a scum left。

Among the gods,Except Qi Yun,There are many experts who are proficient in medicine,And there are all kinds of pills in Li Tianzhen’s space treasure,After a rush of treatment,Except for the palm prints, he needs to retreat,The rest of the wounded are fine,Even Li Tianzhen struggled to get up,In everyone’s weird eyes,He himself was at a […]

To verify the judgment,Li Tianzhi inspected several other meteorites with different shapes,All have similar situations,He finally understood,These trivial meteorites scattered everywhere are actually the products of one or several civilizations,Are all weapons for combat。

This is the site of an interstellar battlefield!Although it is impossible to go back to the scene of the battle,But it was so tragic that it destroyed and shattered several days of the world here,How terrible it is,Although after a long time,But due to some kind of energy field,This battlefield has always maintained the overall […]

My own materials actually carry some ice properties,This means that the slight difference in the surrounding temperature will also affect the casting of the entire armor。

Good reminder! I never thought of this layer。 “Thanks girl,Very helpful。”I wish Minglang happy。 “Ok。” Zhu Minglang turned and left,After I walked a little far away,Not only smiled bitterly。 Hard to top,It’s really hard! …… According to the prophet’s sister-in-law,Forging in the coldest autumn night。 The course of the night really went well,I wish Minglang […]