Lu Haocheng is in terror,I always kill her.。

and,Her home world,Lu Haocheng can’t move her。 Lin Zishi has confident,There is also a bottom gas。 Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zihang kept walking,Brow keeps tight,How is this woman come up?? Who is so bold?,Dare to put this woman up? “Continental,I really just want to apologize.,Last time,I have always wanted to give an apology to […]

At this moment,Yao Junli opened the door with the key and walked in,She laughed and said:“What to go,I have arranged,They will deliver the food here in a while,The three of us have a little wine,Let’s chat!”

“no need,I really have to go。You should stay with Xia Jian!After all, he came here from Pingyang Town,It’s really commendable that he has this heart”Ouyang Hong said,Turn around and leave。 Yao Junli reached out to pull her,Couldn’t hold her。It seems that this time a good intention has been decided,Can’t keep it。Xia Jian sat still,He thought,Just […]

“Really weird!Just like looking in the mirror。。。only‘Look’The angle is completely different。”The avatar of the Demon Killer uses the force in the body to wave,Make some noise。

“Unexpectedly, the senses of this monster clan clone—So far from the human body。And this kind of fit feeling of spatial fluctuation。。。Li Ming couldn’t help but sigh,It really is two completely different lives。” Human senses,Is visual、Hearing、Smell、Taste and touch,And this demon killer is completely different,It depends on the surrounding spatial fluctuations to perceive everything。 For this energy […]

“As a result, my two uncles were removed from the board。The industry under the name of East China Group has nothing to do with them。Of course,They did not pay less in the East China Electronics Factory”Guan Tingna finished,I closed my eyes a little tired。

Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna,Whispered:“Shall you go to bed and rest?” “Ok!I’m so tired。May be this hospitalization,The body has not fully recovered”Guan Tingna finished,So he got up and went to the bathroom。When coming out later,She has put on her pajamas。 After Guan Tingna goes to bed,Xia Jian slipped out of the room quietly。at the […]

I am really with Li Hui.,However, Li Hui has a difference between 100,000 miles with the owner.,I don’t want to follow him.,I want to follow you.。”

Sun Yaru said this time,Strive to install a poor look,The tears in that pair of big eyes are also convinced. I see it.。 But Lin City does not eat this set。 “All right,Don’t play with me,On the farming, you are far better than me.,This is so fixed.,Then I will find a chance to give you […]

“Can it be done?”

“Guarantee to complete the task!” Wang Zi carried Zhang Zhilin who was fainting and threw him into the car,Even shouting at other people:“Did you hear what Chen Shao said?,All return to the magic capital with me!” “Yes!” If not for the scorching sun in the sky,Everyone thought they were hell,There is still the courage to […]

“Yu Xing Haixuanhe!”Li Mingyao looks away,Look at the stunning river。

Xuanhe,One of the ten scenic spots of Yu Xinghai。 Although not dangerous,But the most shocking picture。 Even with this Xuanhe as its source,Countless practitioners have created many magical powers。 For example, Emperor Jiuhe in the Immortal Palace of Dao League,Created《Xuanhe》Occult,Even the fragments of this secret technique have spread to the world of chaos。 Actually,Named as《Xuanhe》There […]

The renovation project of the ancient town has been completed,A new street is displayed in front of Xia Jian,Antique-style building,Coupled with modern elements,Gives a refreshing feeling。

Zhao Hong walks,While introducing Xia Jian,Soon I arrived at the door of Lao Yang Fried Noodle Restaurant。Two solid wood columns,Antique carved window frame,Suddenly there is a feeling of traveling to ancient times。 Xia Jian on a whim,Shouted towards the door:“Koji!Bring wine” Lao Yang’s two masters,Ran out,It’s Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian,I couldn’t close my mouth […]

Nine uncle explains a sentence,And then shake the headway:“pity,蜻 水 水 水 顶 顶,Coffin covered with loess,Directly seal it with cement,The cavity has also become a defeat.。”

Ren to surprise:“Nine uncles,According to your statement,Mr. Fengshui felled at the beginning of the year?” “Not only lie,I doubt that he and you have a hatred.。” Nine uncle white:“It’s good to be a good idea.,Let you burn over 20 years later,Just harm you half a lifetime,Harm you all life,Don’t harm you eighteen generations。” Specific situation […]