Only with clues,They can come up with a plan,Then take action。

Flying wolves are also desperate right now,The oil on the gunship is only enough to return to the base。 It is impossible to take them to transform the whole Aliba,This is unrealistic。 “Flying wolf,Emergency situations,A fierce gun battle took place in the small town of Kalint, a western suburb of Brooke,Suspected that our special forces […]

Gu Yue heard Xia Jian say this,Can’t help but snorted:“General Iron!I want Xia Jian to be the deputy captain of our security team,Do you think he is qualified?”

“General Gu!Your joke is a bit big。President Xia is here,Can you give the youngest vice president?!If there is no seat,Then where do i go”Tie Li said seriously。 Xia Jianyi listen,These two women really regarded him as a beggar,So he laughed and said:“okay!You two should stop acting。The cloud stay is too big,There is no place for […]

Wang Youcai lay down,Soon fell asleep。He is tired too,Staying up all night is really tiring,He slept until noon this time。

When Wang Youcai opened his eyes,Big brother Wang Youfa and Song Fang are here。They seem to know that Wang Youdao will come back。The appearance of the two,It’s like telling Wang Youdao,They didn’t care about Dad’s illness。 “Tell the truth,If Xia Jian promised to give it away this time,,It’s really a bit hanging”Song Fang’s voice is […]

First2280chapter means

Wang Youcai put Dr. Lu on the last bus bound for the countryside,Only then returned to the small clinic。In the small clinic,There are two patients waiting to get the medicine。And because He Jing has no patients to see the doctor,Sit and read the newspaper。 “Doctor He!Please come back”Wang Youcai turned around and went into the […]

Suddenly he saw four or five middle-aged men with quilts walking towards him,He knows one of them,It seems to be Wang Baoming from the upper reaches of Xichuan River。

When these people walked to Wang Degui’s side,,Which Wang Baoming stopped for a while,He looked at Wang Degui with a bit of resentment,Then lower your head and walk forward。 “Hey!You are Baoming!Why don’t you recognize me?”Wang Degui shouted loudly。 Who heard Wang Degui say that?,Immediately stopped,One of the younger guys,Speak loudly:“You are Wang Degui?Is your […]


A scream,Golden Eagle Dragon was pierced with golden wings,Fell from the sky。 Beiyan business also fell。 I don’t know if it’s a coincidence,Golden Eagle Dragon is back on the ground,Beiyan Shang was entangled in saddle rope,I want to break free in mid-air, but I can’t break free,So after falling to the ground,Was severely crushed by […]

Lu Haocheng is in terror,I always kill her.。

and,Her home world,Lu Haocheng can’t move her。 Lin Zishi has confident,There is also a bottom gas。 Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zihang kept walking,Brow keeps tight,How is this woman come up?? Who is so bold?,Dare to put this woman up? “Continental,I really just want to apologize.,Last time,I have always wanted to give an apology to […]

At this moment,Yao Junli opened the door with the key and walked in,She laughed and said:“What to go,I have arranged,They will deliver the food here in a while,The three of us have a little wine,Let’s chat!”

“no need,I really have to go。You should stay with Xia Jian!After all, he came here from Pingyang Town,It’s really commendable that he has this heart”Ouyang Hong said,Turn around and leave。 Yao Junli reached out to pull her,Couldn’t hold her。It seems that this time a good intention has been decided,Can’t keep it。Xia Jian sat still,He thought,Just […]

“Really weird!Just like looking in the mirror。。。only‘Look’The angle is completely different。”The avatar of the Demon Killer uses the force in the body to wave,Make some noise。

“Unexpectedly, the senses of this monster clan clone—So far from the human body。And this kind of fit feeling of spatial fluctuation。。。Li Ming couldn’t help but sigh,It really is two completely different lives。” Human senses,Is visual、Hearing、Smell、Taste and touch,And this demon killer is completely different,It depends on the surrounding spatial fluctuations to perceive everything。 For this energy […]