Say that there is no way to weaken other tribes,Kill murder,Just do this kind of thing,But can’t say。Surface on the surface,Still:

Because trust you tribute,So give the opportunity to let you go to the Central Plains.! Don’t you want to go??Then I will change others.! And the leader of other tribes,Naturally, you can also see that the wooden pole is sweating.。But what is the sentence?,The wages of avarice is death,Out of the fight is your head, […]

“I thought about it,I’m afraid the town won’t pass”Ma Yan said worriedly。

Xia Jian said with a smile:“What can’t pass?Isn’t there a clearing at the entrance of the village??So don’t worry about building a stage。In addition, you spent Murakami’s money to build the stage,What disagrees with in the town?” “Hi!Don’t you know,Tong Jie is very good now,It can be said that everything。Especially the stage,There is no village […]

As for the next sentence,They all selectively ignored,In their opinion, Wright is already very good at reaching the seventh-level magician.,As for the eighth-level magician, it’s almost like this。They just take Wright’s bragging words。

“Already reached!”Wright laughed。 Notice,Judging from the verifiable history of Magnolia mainland。 #1 in history,Is a sanctuary magister more than 3,000 years ago。He became a seventh-level magician when he was sixteen。The history of Magnolia was originally ranked second,He became a seventh-level magician at the age of eighteen。That person only reached level 9 magician。This and he later […]

And at the moment,Wang Teng has come here。

But when Wang Teng was looking at the distance,Wang Teng at this time,Is very indifferent。 I won’t talk about other things for now,But then,Such a thing,Still necessary,It must be resolved as soon as possible。 See these,Lei Zhiting at this time,The whole person smiled suddenly。 “but,Even if you come,Can’t change anything。” “Because this time,You must die!” […]

at this time,Qin Ning and Lu Haokai have just opened it.,General Assembly,Everyone has a lot of opinions on her.,I asked her once.。

She also knows,These shareholders can guarantee their income,Will not care in the hand?。 “Mother,Loss is close to 10 billion,Such a big vacancy,Dad is,There is no way to make up for it.。” Lu Haokai did not expect such a big loss.。 Qin Ning is full of face,Anger,Tone,“Which hospital is you finding your father??” She is now […]

Li Dachuan thought about it:“Unlike the dragon that appeared above Lop Nor,It’s like the big lizard in western movies。”

“Ok?”Ning Beizhi looked back at him,“Tyrannosaurus with wings?” “Image。”Li Dachuan Road,Then asked in surprise:“Have you seen?” Ning Beizhi shook his head,Thoughtful。 The windshield butter paper is brushing,The wind in the abyss seems to be stronger。 He habitually looks at watches,The screen is dim,No time display,“About six or seven hours in the past,If nothing happens,Everywhere should […]

Messages are sent in bulk,Not only Li Tianzhi and Gu Changfeng received,Sheng Guangda, who rode a motorcycle all the way into the valley, obviously received it too,It seems that the matter is extremely urgent and serious,No mention of handover and emergency procedures in the other two places at all。

Old man Dong should have sent a message to everyone in the command post,Li Tianzhen is also regarded as a person of this level,This change seems imperceptible,Gu Changfeng thinks it’s normal,But Sheng Guangda’s expression is slightly weird。 Li Tianzhen didn’t pay much attention,But I remembered that Li Hao didn’t record it on time the day […]

Why is Li Hui Feng to give you money??

He owes you before?” If you know that Li Hui is owed by Li Mei,He feels that there are many ways to play each other.。 “no,Li Hui is the money for people in their village.,The supply channels of those vegetables before they are their villages.,Now those people in the village have no money.,Naturally, he will […]