text Chapter 271 New Era
In the next month,The Three Kingdoms Killing board game soon became popular in various entertainment venues in the deep city。
For a while,Isn’t it popular even in nightclub boxes?KSang,The big buddies who came to play have ordered me,Everyone sits together and plays Three Kingdoms,And it’s called accompany play,Lost drinking,Still having fun。
quickly,It’s not just those traditional entertainment venues that are popular to play Three Kingdoms Killing Cards,Even many catering industries,Like a coffee shop,Place like milk tea shop,Have also launched the Three Kingdoms Killing Card Game,Play this everywhere,The student party and white-collar workers are especially predominant。
The sales of Three Kingdoms Killing Cards have soared continuously,All the way up,quickly,Even chess·Someone is also playing this in the card room and mahjong hall,Visible influence。
At the end of the 1990s when the Internet was not yet popular,The board game Three Kingdoms was born,Greatly enriched people’s spare time,It also brought huge benefits beyond expectations for Lu Menglin’s small team。
Unfortunately this time,Lu Menglin has asked for leave and left school,with《Game time》The interview team flew to South Korea together,Because the bigger market and prospects await him。
This time with Lu Menglin,apart from《Game time》Chief EditorVOutside,There are photographers Ade and AVXiao Cai。
About AhVWhy should I bring an assistant?,Lu Menglin got the explanation like this。
“You figure it out!who am I?I amV!Teens come out to do news,What scene?Of course you must pay attention to your image when going abroad for interviews,Because what I represent is not only a personal image,Or our media image,How can you do it casually?”
“Since I want to keep my image,Then of course you need to use an assistant!I don’t understand such a simple truth,It seems that Mr. Lu still has to go to the society for more experience!”
Lu Menglin was speechless,I can’t compete with him at all!
Originally,It’s a foolish thing to argue with a woman,Arguing with a beautiful man with a daughter’s heart,Even more stupid。
The plane landed slowly at Seoul Airport。
Lu Menglin and his party came out of the airport,Got on the city bus to Seoul, South Korea。
Just the scenery along the way,It surprised them all。
“I thought Korean cities are very modern!Don’t you say it’s the Four Little Dragons in Asia??How it looks like my hometown,All low and shabby buildings,And the dust is big。”Photographer Ade took pictures of the scenery,Smiled。