The gods onlookers were stunned,Then swarmed up,The wounded were rescued by digging and planing,Okay,Everyone has no life worry,The ultimate wounded is Venerable Palmprint,Followed by Li Tianzhi,Under his body is the unlucky fire pig,The injury was not a fall,It was the trauma caused by the ferocious shock wave after Venus exploded,Maybe it’s the resistance of such a peerless baby who hides two black scrolls,Otherwise, he would have been bombarded long ago and not even a scum left。

Among the gods,Except Qi Yun,There are many experts who are proficient in medicine,And there are all kinds of pills in Li Tianzhen’s space treasure,After a rush of treatment,Except for the palm prints, he needs to retreat,The rest of the wounded are fine,Even Li Tianzhen struggled to get up,In everyone’s weird eyes,He himself was at a loss。
“When will the new master cultivate the true face of the soul?”
“Yuan Shen Zhen Rong?I?”Li Tianzhi was surprised,He just felt that his consciousness just now couldn’t help it,Originally entered the gods to find Qi Yun to ask questions,Who knows that the primordial spirit swells up inexplicably,And then fly into the air like a balloon,This kind of flying is not like the soaring clouds and mists he learned before,It’s that the whole consciousness jumps like being called by feelings。
In this process,Li Tianzhen heard a very mysterious voice,Let his mind and soul relax infinitely,Then the whole body is comfortable,It seems that every inch of the body,Every pore is trying to absorb this sound,The spiritual platform of the mortal realm、At the same time, the cave sky of Huaxu Realm is receiving the baptism of rippling rhythm。
The voice is undergoing subtle changes,Become sacred、village/strict,Li Tianzhen suddenly had a desire to embrace the world,He strongly hopes to jump higher,And try to find the source of the call,So he saw the extremely bright star beside him。
The light of the stars is very attractive,It contains strange lines that are difficult to describe,Every stripe is demonstrating the birth of things、growing up、Rise and fall and fall,Each texture has its own color,And the length and thickness are different,They represent different things,There are various creatures,There is also a big world,One of the most convoluted textures,Li Tianzhen can’t understand,Its texture and composition of each segment are extremely complicated,Hundred and thousands of times more complicated than the most sophisticated instrument components in the world he has ever seen。
Under the Eyes of True Vision,Li Tianzhen can only analyze the simplest lines,The pattern is composed of countless colorful runes like tadpoles,Very familiar,But different from the runes in the colorful light,Can’t remember where I saw it,He tried to change the arrangement of these runes,I want to induce past memories,Unexpected thoughts,So he couldn’t help but reach out to pick this bright star。
Stars start with extremely cold,Then quickly became biting,Strange lines change rapidly and release amazing energy,Not only makes it difficult for Li Tianzhen to grasp,And he is constantly bombarding the spiritual platform and cave sky in his soul。
at the same time,The calling voice also changed again,Became extremely murderous and fierce,It seems to be the chill of the stars,Make Li Tianzhen’s whole soul tremble,But he can’t bear to let go of this star,I hope that the hot Venus farther away can neutralize this cold,So he reached out again,But unexpectedly this Venus is extremely violent,It exploded when touched just now。
Recalling the ruinous scene just now,Li Tianchou looked up at the sky involuntarily in fear,The brightest star and Venus are gone,But the black sky is still full of stars,Not only that,In the black mist above the colorful light field,Suddenly there was a brilliant light like a gem,Very dazzling。
“what is that?”Venerable Huo Xing next to him also looked up,Immediately surprised。
“It’s Tiangong,Celestial palace。”Another deity with super eyesight exclaimed。
All the gods stretched their necks to look far away,At this time the black mist has faded,Revealing the incomparable complex of buildings,The tall palaces that are not weaker than the Huoyan Tiangong are exposed,Layers,Spectacular as the mountains and rivers,Every palace is shining with brilliant light,Stack together,Brilliant atmosphere,When the mist clears,An unparalleled coercion is coming。
“Is the ancient temple,The front is the oldest temple of war!”A god who knows well,Shocked in shock。
With the thumping sound,The demigods with a lower cultivation base could not help but knelt on the ground with their legs weak,Soon fell to his knees。
“Temple of War?!”Trembling legs、Li Tianzheng who is struggling to support,Suddenly like Hong Zhongguaner,In horror, he suddenly discovered,The star that was taken off is no longer in my hands,I can’t remember where I went when I was bombarded by Venus。
Could it be this cold star that caused the black mist to disappear??Li Tianzhi remembers seeing the phantom of this cascading heavenly palace,When the projection of the Huoyan Temple collapsed,There is a shadowy silhouette in the black mist,But not really,And quickly hide in the thick mist,Suddenly appeared at the moment,Foreshadow?
Under the free heart,Li Tianzhen immediately felt the icy cold all over his body,With the sharp drop in temperature,There are cracks in the spiritual platform and the cave sky in the body,Click and click constantly,The rift is expanding rapidly,With a series of bangs,Li Tianzhen fell on his back,Then the entire sacred space began to vibrate,The sea of vitality rolls,Colorful light domain,This small world suddenly became precarious,In danger of collapse at any time。
The gods were shocked,Some leaned over to check Li Tianzhen’s injury,Some take the risk and fly to the sky to view,At this moment, no one has the mind to figure out how the projection of the ancient gods of the heavens appeared in the space of Li Tianzhu’s gods.,Only a few gods suspect it is the masterpiece of the old palace master Yuwen,Collecting all kinds of Qibao has always been his hobby,Addiction。