True or false,This is the network。

Xia Jian sighed,I browsed the news online for a while,Then turn off the computer,Hurried to the kitchen to wash the dishes,He knew very well,He doesn’t do these jobs,But no one can help him。
Wait until the kitchen is cleaned up,Go to clean up the bedroom again。It’s like Chen Xia said,The bedding in the cabinet is all new,He just moved out and shopped on it。
Just finished these,The phone in the living room rang again。
First0572chapter Women in high-end clubs
Xia Jian saw an extension in the bedroom,Grabbed it,Chen Xia’s smile came from the phone:“Go to the club at night to play,Where is safe,Don’t make yourself too bored,More!I remind you,Don’t think about going out to do things,Your task now is to stay here safely“
“Got it!thank you for your concern“Xia Jian said with a big smile。In fact, his heart is still very moved,under these circumstances,Can have a friend care about him,This is also his blessing。
Just play!Just spend money??Xia Jian thought of this,Took a bath,Tidy up,A stack of banknotes in the pocket,And walked towards the clubhouse。
A very imposing small western-style building stands not far from the north gate,Spear and lights,Put a light gold on it。On the door“Buckingham Palace Clubhouse“A few words are striking。Xia Jian only knew,The villa area where he lives is called Buckingham Palace,Domineering name,He couldn’t help being surprised secretly。
Just arrived at the door,The waiter opened the door“welcome”
As soon as I reach the hall,I felt the coolness of the central air conditioner。On the sofa in the hall,Many men and women have sat,All of them look extraordinary。
Xia Jian did not stay too much on the first floor,But follow the signs to go directly to the second floor。Recreation room on the second floor,Mahjong,Playing cards,There are people who push Pai Gow,It can be said to have everything。