2021 Sail sailing "Le Xiaoxing" accompanying Jiangxi people to the new year

  "China Sports Lottery" 2021 National New Year Democratic Fitness Conference Jiangxi main venue activity recently opened the curtain in Ji’an.

  Thousands of mountaineering enthusiasts gathered in Ji’an City Shennan Park, jointly met the new year in the future. Zhang Zuping, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, deputy mayor Xu Kaiping, deputy mayor of the Ji’an Municipal People’s Government, attended the launching ceremony.

  New Year’s Health Thousands of people board the Shennan New Year As a Chinese national traditional festive event, cultivate sentiment, exercise, but also pray for the distant relatives, because of its beautiful meaning, the public is very loved.

The people who are as high have full of "New Year’s Eve", I hope to pull the head in the Spring Festival at the beginning of the year, and open a good year in the whole year. At 9:18 am, with the sound of the whistle, the more than 20 teams of the competition were not divided into age, regardless of their careers, everyone is riveting, fueling each other, hoping to return to nature in the new year , Hug health, bring a good sign to the new year. "Today, with a 6-year-old daughter to participate in the New Year’s Fitness Conference, it is hope that I will instill a sense of strong fitness, let her experience the healthy sports activities.

At the same time, we will expect our family to be healthy in the new year. "Mr. Chen from Qingyuan District said that after about 50 minutes, the entrants arrived at the end of the game – located in the" Wangge "on the top of Shenkan Mountain, everyone signed his name, Xu Xinnian wish, enjoy the junks Jiang Fengguang. "Le Xiaoxing" is involved in the competition team in the competition team. They are Jiangxi Sports Lottery. Every year, the New Year is actively participating in Jiangxi sports, this year, this year, 200 color staff and sales The Sports Lotus Fang team consisted in participating in the regulation. The sports lottery was unified. The left arm wear the sports lottery, the square is beautiful. The leader held a big Chinese sports lottery banner in front of the team, showing the spirit of the body color. Different, this year’s Jiangxi body color team played with a mascot "Le Xiaoxing" to participate in the New Year’s activities, the players handheld the cute mascots, become the "one branch of a show" in the participants’ team. "Music Xing Meng Meng The appearance is very cute, as a representative of sports color public welfare, we just want to be familiar with more people, so knowing public welfare, Sports Color Ji’an Sub-center staff said.

  In the event owner, the sports color "Le Xiaoxing" is also visible everywhere, whether it is the main stage or the propaganda display area can see Mengmeng Le Xiao, waiting for everyone to "it". Participants who came to the onlookers were endless, becoming the "most exciting 崽" in the event.

  In addition, in the event main venue, the Sports Lottery Ji’an Sub-center launched the "Sports New Year Ji Le Shi Shi Shi to the Brand" brand landing activities, before the New Year’s coming, let the general public experience the "top smashing", the "top smashing", the charm of the billing product combination Events have attracted many people to take photos or actively participation. "Taking advantage of the weather, it is just New Year’s Day, I took my mother to turn, I didn’t expect to open the ticket for the first time, the sports color also sent us a new year gift, it is so lucky, hope 2021 Good Lunarian, Ms. Zhang from Jiizhou District smiled and said. Sports Lottery leads the national fitness boom to the high-rise, the Chinese people welcome the traditional way of the New Year, strengthen the body and the beauty, and have a wide and popular for the people. As a national public welfare lottery, China Sports Lottery has been safeguarding for the extensive development of national fitness activities.

Since 2006, the New Year’s debt activity has been fully supported by sports and has gradually become a landmark national large-scale fitness activity.

  "Public Welfare", Jiangxi Sports Lottery, with 10,000 people in the way, welcome 2020, welcome 2021, and actively pass the public welfare concept while expressing the new year. In the future, the sports lottery will also gather in more national fitness activities to jointly set off the new climax of national fitness, let more people participate in the health concept of public welfare colors, and share a better life.

(Transfer from "China Sports" 08 version of January 5th).