“what!”There was a strange scream in midair。

Among those transparent fishing nets made of white marks,It turned out a figure。
With the shrinking of the toad fishing wire,The figure in the air is getting clearer。
Suddenly,The media reporters and photographers around the stage,One after another aimed the camera at the alien phase in mid-air,Film this scene clearly。
“Oh my god!That figure is Mr. Buffett!”A reporter was the first to recognize the person tied up by the gas net,Surprised。
“It’s Mr. Buffett!It’s really him!”More and more people exclaimed。
They were shocked just now,And fell into grief and anger,This is the death of Mr. Buffett,But now,They saw another Mr. Buffett,A Buffett caught in the net。
Mr. Buffett,How did you escape from such a ferocious blow just now??
At this time,Many people can’t help but have questions in their hearts。
The Buffett who was locked in midair by the gas net,Constantly let out an angry roar,And struggling hard。
The movement he made is so loud,No one will doubt,This person has a strong physical strength far beyond that of ordinary young people。
Lu Menglin smiled,Snapped his fingers casually。
The air net in mid-air suddenly fell,Bang,The man in the net fell heavily on the broken stage。
“It’s almost time,The so-called secret of the century,Let me uncover it!”Lu Menglin holds his head high,Speak loudly。
“The Buffett you see,At least over 70 years old, right!Why can he flash my fist,And fly into the air?You as ordinary people,Don’t you doubt it??”Lu Menglin continued to speak loudly。
The vast majority of Koreans present,All fell into a deep bewilderment。