Ye Xingkong pours a little water from the teapot to the teacup,Go in and probe with a silver needle,Take out the silver needle and take a closer look,The silver needle did not change color at all,Repeated several times,Still no discoloration,Very puzzled。

“what happened?Is not very toxic,Or didn’t release it originally?”Ye Xingkong asked himself。
“Maybe you made a mistake,How could Xiaoyun do anything to harm me??”Chen Limu said puzzledly。
“What if,I regret that,Don’t have a defensive heart。”Ye Xingkong reminded。
“I know,thank you for your concern。”Chen Limu felt that Ye Xingkong had“The heart of a villain saves the belly of a gentleman”,But in her heart she fully believed in Ye Xingkong,So follow him,Follow Ye Xingkong’s prompt,Don’t drink the tea that Xiaoyun has brewed during this time,Maybe everyone came back today,Haven’t had time to concoct it。
Chen Limu believed Ye Xingkong’s words,I have to use the silver needle to test it every day,Preventive measures。
Until the fifth day,Chen Limu is struggling with the silver needle for testing,Just when she wanted to give up the test,The thought of testing the last one drove her,With an attitude of trying,Put the silver needle on the tea cup,The silver needle immediately changed color,Chen Limu was dumbfounded,Then he called Ye Xingkong in a hurry。
Ye Xingkong transported the pot of water to the hospital for inspection and quarantine,It turned out to be a plant called Aconitum,It is colorless and tasteless after being boiled for eight hours in the brewed tea,Chronic toxicity,This plant is deep in the mountains,And hard to find,Brewed tea,Some fragrance。
A cup of tea,If there are other foreign objects that rob it,I can’t drink this cup of tea,But people can’t drink it,It can be seen that Xiaoyun is thoughtful。
Originally turned Xiaoyun to law enforcement agencies to bring to justice,Chen Limu sighed,Said to Ye Xingkong:“The Xiaoyun incident reminds the family,Be careful to guard against insiders in the future,At the same time, a meeting should be held for the family attendant as a reminder。”
“What are you going to do about Xiaoyun??”Ye Xingkong frowned and asked。
“Ugh,I wanted to let her go,But if you don’t punish her,To serve as an example,If other family attendants have complaints,It hurts like this,That’s not a big deal。”Chen Limu sighed and said,Paused,Keep saying“Go to the police,Must be brought to justice,Take out all the evidence including the video。As for her motives,I probably know what’s going on?But a reflection,I asked myself I never mean Guo to her,visible,How terrible it is for this innocent person to be bewitched by others,It’s because our logistics office is not strictly disciplined。”
Ye Xingkong didn’t expect the good and evil in the book to happen around him,Kind of incredible。
Chen Limu breaks Ye Xingkong’s meditation,Said:“Many things are involved behind the Xiaoyun incident,No conclusive evidence,We can’t bring that person to justice。”
A few days later,Xiaoyun did not deny in front of the evidence,After being taken away by law enforcement officials,Allegedly because they hate the wealth of the big family,Cause psychological distortion。
And the real facts,The party, Xiaoyun, knows best,Chen Limu is also very clear,Just didn’t say it through。