Now Wang Yuxin is just a message,I found twelve people?

Qi Dongfeng,“What levels are they all?。”
“Of course, it is life and death.。”
Wang Yuxin smiled。
The conference hall is exploded。
Everyone including 东风,All the consciousness calls out one breath。
Twelve life and death,Although I can’t compete with the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce,But can also make the other party。
“good,Very good,Xiner,You get more and more mature,Finally, it is completely unique.,In the future……”
He is self-investigating,Convert the topic immediately,“When are they arrive?,We do our best to use the best conditions and arrangements。”
Wang Yixin blinks in the eyes of Wang Yixin,“correct,This twelve people,There is also a gangmang。”
Express,Most people in the field。
Even if the Dongfeng is also sluggish。
Short mistake,His face is red,Rush,“God?Xiner,You have not joked?”
Wang Yixin nodded very seriously,“In fact, these people are friends in summer.,God’s master is the main Leo, Zhoulao, Pucheng City, Pucheng City.……”
“Xia Master?”
Everyone was shocked again.,It can be imagined,I feel that it should be reasonable。
One of the high-rise laughs,“Wang General Management,Before you still say that Xia Master has no one,It seems not this.。”
Wang Yixin is not awkward,Eye flashes,Very quickly。
At this time,I saw that the face of Dongfeng became changing.,I suddenly took out the message。
After a moment,He stood up,“So be it,Xiner,You follow,Go to see the master of Yanyang。”
Wang Yuxin also stood up,“Master Yunyang?What’s wrong?”
Yan Dongfeng smirked,“Xia Master speaks out,In exchange for him and put a refiner with a fifty-thousand years of heaven and earth,Recently this time,The price of all kinds of spiritual medicine in Shencheng skyrocket,Master Yunyang, this is the unscrupulous.,Ah。”
Wang Yuxin 黛 眉 蹙 蹙,即 流 流 意,“I think he wants to take it.?”
“Ha ha,I think so too。”
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