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“maybe,The other master forgot to mention this one,He doesn’t understand。”

The woman standing beside this young man,I heard what my brother said,Defend Lin Yu。 “Humph!Forgot to say?” “When have you met a master,I would forget such an important thing?” The man heard his sister,Actually defended this person,I’m not happy for a moment。 “Brother,maybe,The other’s master,I just forgot!” Finished,This woman looks at the Danhui people,Open road:“I […]

Finished saying this,Before Zhu Minglang reacts,It stared at the butt of Xiantulong,Then surprised:“Corrupt?I didn’t expect that there are still beasts in this world,It’s still a beast that transforms into a dragon,Looks pretty cute!”

Only then did the little beast put his head up,Looking at Mr. Koi carefully。 “Koi for Alzheimer’s?”The sound of the little beast is really crisp,It sounds pleasant。 “What dementia。Have you heard of Dazhi Ruoyu?,I have great wisdom in my head,Selectively forget some useless details of life!”Mr. Koi angrily argued。 “Damn,I forgot again。”At this moment,Xiantulong called,Covered […]

Such a thing,Why can’t they fight for it?

Think of these,Now,Those masters invited by Lei Zhiting,All in anger。 “Kid,who do you think You Are,Is it too arrogant?!” “Want me to say,Why do you talk so much nonsense to them,Just do it directly。” “makes sense,This is the general trend,We have also completely taken the initiative。” Look at these people,till this moment,Should still start quickly,Solving […]

Thinking about this question,Wang Youcai started the car。He has to go back to the base as soon as possible,As long as the things on hand are done,He can ask for leave like Hu Huiru。

Things like opening a hospital,With his wealth of wealth,Really not good。It seems that he has to go to the provincial capital in person,Without second brother’s help,He doesn’t know where to start this matter。 Thinking of something like this,I even forgot to eat lunch。He drove the car back to his office in Chenzhuang。Lie down on the […]

Yuxing’s first general meeting of shareholders ended without any risk。Next is a peaceful day,Li Tianchou looked restless,Besides drinking tea and chatting with You Shilong in the courtyard,Just go back to sleep,Didn’t do anything business。I’m going back to Cai’s home with Xiao Song the next day,This mental state is obviously abnormal,He himself couldn’t tell why。

At dinner,Li Tianchou went to the restaurant and had a meal with Zhu Lei。Chatting after dinner,The phone in Zhu Lei’s arms rang,He frowned slightly,Pulled out a blue phone。 This phone is specially used to contact the mountain,Because Li Tianchou often goes out to toss,So leave it to Zhu Lei for safekeeping。The time period for each […]

“Boss Wang!I said i’m leaving,What are you waiting for?Play for pleasure,But don’t make it difficult?Be careful I lose my temper”Hu Huiru said,The somewhat domineering Chao Wang Youcai waved his hand。

Wang Youcai glanced at Xia Jian,Retired unhappy。Xia Jian said hurriedly:“Hu always doesn’t want to go back?OK, let’s go together!I drank too much,Thinking about going back to sleep” “OK!But you have to promise my wine bureau”Hu Huiru stood up while talking,Serious face。 ———— First0994chapter Blackmailed singing Such a beautiful woman,I don’t know how many men stick […]

This is the ultimate trick of Cloud Fighter——Destroy the world!

This knife is condensed by Ninth-Rank True Qi,Knock out,Immediately destroyed the giant hammer condensed by Zhou Xiangnan completely,All Zhou Xiangnan’s evasion space has been sealed by the knife,No flash! Xiaoyao Yufengbu is already out of use。 Zhou Xiangnan only felt the breath of death suddenly hit his face,Eyes can’t help but go round,A look of […]

When the sword formation was formed,A force suddenly appeared。

“Wow~” In front of Li Ming,An old man appeared,But Li Ming could see that this should be a magic weapon or something similar。 “Outsider,stop!”The surface of the elderly condenses a lot of energy,Blessing above prohibition。 “This senior?”Li Ming’s ten-handled flying sword turned into stars to protect his body,Asked slightly wary。 “No need to panic,I am […]

Chen Jing stopped,She reluctantly said:“Go up a bit more?It’s best to get to the top,You should know that it will be overwhelming,Take a look at the words of Zhongshan Xiao!I just want to feel this kind of feeling I have never had before“Chen Jing said,Look again。

Xia Fei glanced at Xia Jian and said:“what happened,Do you have any concerns,It’s halfway up the mountain anyway,Don’t prevent climbing up again,See if there is a different kind of harvest“ “No way,Go back!And now“Xia Jian said with a heavy face。 Xia Fei startled,Asked in a low voice:“What’s wrong with you?What happened?“ “We may be on […]