First1665chapter Fate is over

The environment of this cafe is particularly elegant。Comfortable sofa seat,Bright and spacious space,Especially the sound of music floating in the air,If yes if no,Makes people feel like they are in a dream。
Ouyang Hong sits directly opposite Xia Jian,I kept turning the spoon in the coffee cup in my hand,Say nothing。Look at her,Her anger has not disappeared。
“Why don’t you hit me twice!See you so angry,I can’t bear it”Xia Jian whispered。
Ouyang Hong finally raised her head,She said coldly:“I’m sick!Why should i beat you?I really don’t understand,Once I transferred to the provincial capital,You don’t seem to know me anymore,Never make a phone call,You can understand clearly,Why is this?”
“Hi!You misunderstood me,I’m a person who never makes calls,Not just your phone,Everyone is like this。Besides, you transferred to the provincial capital,We have little chance of meeting,I can’t even remember calling you”Xia Jian said truthfully,This is real,He didn’t make up at all。
Ouyang Hong said with a cold smile:“As you say,Turns out it was the damn distance to blame。Then I ask you,If i don’t leave Pingdu,Can you go on with me?”When Ouyang Hong said this,Staring at Xia Jian。
“I do not know either,On this matter,I really dare not promise anyone“Xia Jian said firmly。In front of Ouyang Hong,He dare not tell a lie,Because they are too familiar after all。
Ouyang Hong looked at Xia Jian,It took a long time to say:“You’re pretty honest。I want to ask you one more question,You want to be romantic forever?Marry no one??“
Xia Jianyi heard this question,Said to Ouyang Hong with a little trouble:“Can you change the question,Why do you ask this?“Xia Jian’s tone is tinged with sparks。
“Xia Jian!Don’t run away,It’s time for you to face reality。You go down,You are chic and happy,But the people around you?Have been hurt by you。Like your parents,And Zhao Hong,And which women who have trouble with you。Are you too selfish doing this?“Ouyang Hong lowered her voice,Said to Xia Jian word by word。
Xia Jian is speechless,He held his hair with both hands,Look miserable。Self-made bitterness,Can only taste。Thinking about his desperate pursuit of Zhao Hong,But when Zhao Hong became his woman,He shouldn’t have relations with other women anymore。
But Xia Jian made the same mistake as other men,Just didn’t take care of his lower body。And in terms of emotions,He also indulges himself a bit。He likes Xiao Xiao,But Xiao Xiao broke his heart,He also likes Wang Lin and Ouyang Hong,But there is Zhao Hong,He can only stop。