I am really with Li Hui.,However, Li Hui has a difference between 100,000 miles with the owner.,I don’t want to follow him.,I want to follow you.。”

Sun Yaru said this time,Strive to install a poor look,The tears in that pair of big eyes are also convinced. I see it.。
But Lin City does not eat this set。
“All right,Don’t play with me,On the farming, you are far better than me.,This is so fixed.,Then I will find a chance to give you a hand in his face tomorrow.,As for your brother’s house problem,There is also your home situation,I will give you half of money.,Let you stabilize first,After the event,Also give you a double price,And our small apartment, I will also transfer to your name.。”
This all words in Lincheng,Sun Yaruan does not believe in the root。
After all, he is not very long with Lincheng time.,But not short,Other mentative,Plan,How much is her understand?。
Lin Cheng naturally knows the meaning of Sun Yaru’s eyes.。
I immediately laughed:“You look at this,If you have no opinion, please sign it.,This time I am not lie to you.,And there is my seal on this,Even if you take a legal process, it is,The premise is that you have to do things well.,If you can’t do it, you can’t blame me for giving you this opportunity to give you this apartment.。”
Looking at the contract taken by Lincheng,And above,Sun Yari knows that the plan of Lincheng should be not a day two days.。
After all, the contract is printed.。
I saw the above content.,After confirming that there is no pit,Sun Yaru is also directly signed a name.。
After success,Lin Cheng is a smile and directly uses the greasy arm to hold Sun Yaru.,Rush into the house again。
After a night of toss,Lin Chengxin sleeps in the past。
And Sun Yaru is a feeling of a little idle.。
When I was with each other last night.,Her mind is full of brains, Li Hui’s figure,All Li will follow the style with her.。
I think that Li Hui is clearly moving.,Once, I have a feeling that I still run away.,Sun Yaru couldn’t help but smile,She feels only to separate with Lincheng,So you must win Li with the wind。
The next morning,Lin City looked at the new Sun Yaru,I want to be separated from each other today.,I am still a little disappointed.。
But Sun Yaru is completely without such feelings.,She feels that it seems to pursue her true love.。
Although I didn’t really fell in love with Li Hui Feng,But after the city,She only knows that the original is followed behind her.,That is,There is no complained fool is really love her.。
The most important thing is that Li Hui has changed.,Changing sunshine,tall,Handsome,Let her like it。
And the words that Lin Cheng said last night.,Think about her, I am looking forward to it.。
If you think about it, you will be with Li.,Was gentle all day,That feels very beautiful。
I have to break up with me today. I am very happy.?”
Looking at Sun Yarn wearing a black pleated dress,Set of delicate socks,Stepping on the black small heel,Lincheng is a bit unbelieving。
Dressing in Sun Yaru,He will definitely be very happy,After all, you can use your hand when you class.。
But now in his eyes,The other party is going to follow Li Hui,I haven’t broken up yet.,How much is his heart?。
“No,Dress up today is not very ordinary??”
Looking at Sun Yaru’s eyes inexplicably,Lin Cheng also knows that he is some neuro.,Some think about it.。
“Um,Let it go,Remember to see my eyes,Then follow the same as we say yesterday.。”
This plan for Lincheng,Sun Yaru feels 100% success。
Because she is really aware of Li Hui Feng.,Although it changed,But the hot heart is still not changed.。