As for the next sentence,They all selectively ignored,In their opinion, Wright is already very good at reaching the seventh-level magician.,As for the eighth-level magician, it’s almost like this。They just take Wright’s bragging words。

“Already reached!”Wright laughed。
Notice,Judging from the verifiable history of Magnolia mainland。
#1 in history,Is a sanctuary magister more than 3,000 years ago。He became a seventh-level magician when he was sixteen。The history of Magnolia was originally ranked second,He became a seventh-level magician at the age of eighteen。That person only reached level 9 magician。This and he later suffered a blow,About the change of mind。
And Wright is also 18 years old this year,And he was just in his early eighteen years,Maybe it can replace the previous one。
“so,Wright has great hopes to step into the sanctuary!”Maui interjected suddenly!
Wright smiled,I didn’t say that I actually have a greater chance of entering the sanctuary in terms of warriors than in magic.。after all,Magicians are harder to advance than warriors,And Wright fully integrates the memory of Li Ming from the previous life,Today’s achievements in fighters are extremely high。
“Yes yes!”Burke said suddenly,“I checked the information,Not counting Wright,The top ten young geniuses in history who have stepped into the seventh-level magician level,Half of them stepped into the sanctuary,Two of the other half fell midway,The remaining three are also top ninth-level magisters!”
“Brush up!”Carl、Maui and even Wright looked at Burke with incredible eyes.,It seems more surprised than just knowing that Wright is about to enter the seventh level!
“Why do you look at me like this!”Burke rolled his eyes,“I’m also a genius magician, OK?,I can”。
The three did not speak,Burke is the kind except really a magician,Someone who wants a reckless warrior in other ways
“。。Alright alright,I admit that I found it when I was dating Nini in the library!”Burke lost the look in the three of them。
Carl, who was caught off guard and fed a sip of dog food, swept his eyes in grief。