British media: British reconnaissance machine is near the Crimea Russian fighter emergency lift

On November 12, according to the British "Times" website reported on November 11, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the Soviet-30 fighter was expelled near the Creek Coast. In addition, Moscow said that the United States deploys warships to the Black Sea is playing. Moscow said that a Royal Royal Air Force’s RC-135 reconnaissance plane flew to 30 kilometers away from the Russian border 11th, followed by an interception of the Russian military fighter. The Russian Ministry of Defense said: Since then, the British plane changed to the direction of the Russian border.

The report said that this matter has not been confirmed by the White Hall.

This incident occurred in the increasing situation in the Black Sea. The defenders of the Royal Royal Navy before June were confronted in the Black Sea in June in June.

In addition, Moscow also expressed concerns about the two American warships to the Black Sea.

The US Navy Porter expelling of the war ax cruise missile enters the area at the end of October.

The US Navy Whitney Mountain Commanders also joined this ranks. Putin has said that the Russian army has aimed at the cross line.

According to the report, the arrival of the US military ship, Russia held a naval exercise designed to destroy an enemy goal. The Russian Ministry of Defense also said that its air defense system has entered a guardian in the base of New Rossisk and Crimea. (Compilation / Zhang Lin).