Di Qingzhou Shangri-La City held an entrepreneurial symposium

Recently, the Shangri-La Municipal Committee of Diqing Tibetary Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, organized the country’s research and convened Shangri-La City 2021 entrepreneurial symposium. Yang Qi, member of the State Committee of the State Committee, and the Shangri-La Municipal Party Committee, Yang Qi, participated in the investigation and arranged relevant work.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, agent mayor, giant Yan Dong, and the city leadership, Mu Hongchun, Hu Zhixiang and other participation in the meeting. Leaders of the state-level departments, all ministries and commissions of the Shangri-La Municipal Party Committee, various enterprises and institutions of the municipalities, the township (town) party committee, township (town), and some corporate representatives, etc. to participate in the investigation and symposium. During the period, the research team first went to Diqing Song Zhu Xinka Hotel, Songlin Cultural Tourism Communication Co., Ltd., Shangri-La Guoao Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Santa Dairy Co., Ltd., 5 companies, etc., etc., care about enterprise construction operations Situation, inquiry the current status of enterprise development, explore the future development, understand the difficulties of enterprises, and give practical advice. Then, the Shangri-La City entrepreneur symposium is held, and the entrepreneur will communicate with the difficulties of the business, and the incidents of their business are difficult to develop, and the issue of scientific innovation, talent introduction, business environment, etc.

The municipal-level relevant industry departments revolve around the city’s economic development, service enterprises, etc. After listening to the statement, the research team expressed their gratitude to the company’s positive contribution to the economic and social development of Shangri-La City. I hope that the company will seize the opportunity and participate in the construction of Shangri-La’s "14th Five-Year Plan" development, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The meeting emphasized that the relevant departments must create excellent environments, strengthen services, and be a good back shield, fully integrated into the "three cards" in Yunnan Province, and find the gap between the lack of the table.

Walking around the environments in the environments, strengthening supervision; combines reality, increasing the support of enterprises; creating a loose policy environment, opening an inclusive human environment, fair and orderly market environment.

Enterprises must seize the key, develop industries, and do a strong stronger. The Entrepreneur Symposium aims to better improve the relevant policies of enterprises in Shangri-La, strive to develop the relevant policies of Shangri-La City Enterprise Development, and strive to develop a good business environment in Shangri-La City. The symposium further closes the distance between the government-owned enterprises, conjunctive consensus, and firm confidence.

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