The younger the spine, the younger it is

The younger the spine, the younger it is

This transition comes from an ancient yoga motto. Spine experts say: The main criteria for a perfect spine are strength and elasticity, because the biggest function of the spine is to eliminate impact and reduce load, and the gentle attenuation of the spine is the aging of the human body.The first sign of the disease, because it can not only make your back not straight up, and even seemingly unrelated rhinitis, it is because of it!

  If the aging symbol flashes into your mind, what will it be?

Wrinkles and white hair?

But the aging of the whole body starts from the tail curve of the camel . You can now turn to look at the people around you. Once the young people’s spine hardens, they will be significantly older than their actual age.

On the contrary, the elderly and middle-aged people with good elasticity of the spine and limbs will become young and energetic.

Please also pay attention to whether your spine is comfortable when you turn your head, because paying attention to yourself at any time is the step to save the spine.

  Amazing numbers of the spine!

  At present, 97% of middle-aged people have spinal diseases, and they have recently become younger, and more than 40% of people under 40 have spinal diseases.

Women reach middle age and have mainly experienced the physiological periods of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Spine problems occur frequently, with only scoliosis. Female patients are three times as likely as men of the same age.

  This is not to hear the picture!

  Some other words about the spine: Women are inferior to men!


  Experts say that women’s spine is inherently weak, muscle strength is weak, physiological structure is weaker, fatigue and strain are more likely to occur, and women’s weight increases sharply during the onset, leading to increased spinal burden. At this time, oxytocin secreted reduces jointsLaxation and ligament relaxation, although helpful for childbirth, can lead to decreased spinal stability, especially the lumbar spine is prone to problems.

These will slowly repair themselves after giving birth, but there are still hidden dangers, and the recurrence may be relatively large; there is a special factor for women’s menopause, which causes osteoporosis to appear about 10 years earlier than men, and the calcium loss is faster and shorter.Increased lumbar curvature and a stiff stomach will damage both the lumbar and thoracic spine.

  Very important!

Spine disease ≈ Working women’s disease!

  Self-regulation for prevention and primary illness: work for a long time → easy to cause symptoms: what to do at the waist: stand away from the ground, the center of gravity should be stable, do not take a posture for too long, do not exceed one hour.

If you need to stand for a long time, it is best to step on something under your feet, alternately step on the left and right feet, or simply use the alternate center of gravity to stand.

  Sedentary work → Symptom-prone areas: neck, hip, buttocks What should I do: sit up, spine lean back, support at the waist, get up and walk every 30 minutes, the main point is to make the spine fully reversedA movement.

  Other times: OK!


When brisk walking, it is necessary to maintain the natural curvature of the spine, and the paravertebral muscles can work in a stressful state, which is good for spinal health.


Lie on your back or on your right.

Pillows should not exceed 12 cm in height. Keep your head and neck cushions firm and not suspended when sleeping.

The hardness of the bed is better when the palms are barely stretched under the waist when in the supine position.

  very dangerous!

  Spine minefields that women often step into: Minefield 1: High heels only cause tip problems, and massage is mainly to the calf!

  Spine experts: Indeed, the impact of high heels on the spine is not the largest. Its impact is mainly on the alignment site, but it also has a great impact on waist curvature. Often wearing high heels is prone to back pain, especially high heels above 4 cm.

  Minefield 2: Since “the more flexible the spine, the younger it gets!”

“Then a series of soft exercises such as yoga can fully meet our needs!

  Spine experts: In addition to a series of flexibility training exercises such as yoga, women also need to do more strength exercises. Strengthening the back muscles and abdominal muscles will increase the strength of the spine. The strength is as important as the flexibility.

  Minefield 3: Different spine problems have different reactions. They show differently on the body, some have back pain, and some have discomfort in the shoulder or neck. Just treat the uncomfortable zone.

  Spine experts: There are no local problems in the spine problem, only the main manifestation, because the spine is a whole, if the neck hurts, there will be a corresponding point on the waist, but the degree of discomfort is different, do not only see the most obviousAt that point, spinal problems require full spinal conditioning.

  Minefield 4: Although the hands are often numb, and there are problems with mouse hands, tendinitis, etc., these are not spinal problems.

  Spine experts: These are probably caused by long-term repetitive movements, and the muscles of the shoulders and necks have been contracted for a long time, causing the nearby rigid muscles to press the nerves that extend from the cervical spine to the arm. In the final analysis, the spine is injured.

  Minefield 5: Spine problems are immediately apparent. There was no problem at the time, and there will be no problems afterwards.

  Spine expert: A person’s spine bearing capacity is relatively fixed, just like a glass of water in a cup, the capacity is so much, it has a separate nature, but we often think that it is disposable, simple if you move it the last timeHeavy things, but it does n’t feel uncomfortable, but in fact you may have drunk the water in the cup with only a small sip. If you face the experience of nothing last time, move in the same weight again, even moreMay be just like playing blackjack, it burst immediately.  Minefield 6: Although the spine in a continuous posture is a bit uncomfortable, I will bend it according to its shape, otherwise it will hurt it.

  Spine experts: For professional women who maintain a posture for a long time, they can do lazy movements like cats in the office space to avoid avoiding a posture. If they are sore, do the opposite of this posture.Flexing to the muscles can soothe most mild spinal problems.

  take it easy!

  WOW, if it has been deformed?

  COSMO Health Words-American Spine Correction Program. Many middle-aged women have undergone spinal correction with their mothers since childhood. They do not fall even in their 70s. They have already regarded spinal correction as part of their lives.

It applies a force to the human body to act on the spine, causing the human body’s spine and bones to move in the correct direction to achieve the purpose of treatment and health care. It is a mature, safe and effective natural therapy.

In fact, everyone who has high blood pressure pain, pain, chest pain, limb pain, numbness, headache, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, drowsiness, tinnitus, etc. need to undergo spinal correction.

  Q: If the spine has been deformed due to sitting posture, etc., can it still be corrected?

How to correct it?

  Spine expert: It depends on the age and degree of judgment, but all processes must be consistent with their own movement.

  20-30 years old can relax muscles without congenital causes, and spinal correction is improving. A course of treatment is 5 or 6 times twice a week. If it is only 15 minutes for cervical spine, the entire spine is about 40-50 minutes.

  Intervertebral discs and osteoporosis may have occurred between 30-50, and fractures need to be treated before conditioning. There are generally assisted methods such as minimally invasive and acupuncture. About 10 spinal adjustments are required in a course of treatment.

  ﹥ 50 years old, this age is mainly to resolve the symptoms of discomfort, because degenerative diseases such as arthritis appear irreversible, and the elderly will grow wrinkles at a certain age, which is a natural law.

  Maybe know!

  In addition to yoga, the spine also has other saviors-fitness ball size: the fitness ball is a 55-75 cm diameter, flexible balloon made of special plastic materials.

  Qualifications: It has been adopted by the Swiss rehabilitation medical community as early as 1963. It is mainly used to treat low back problems, neurological disorders, torsion and shoulder rehabilitation, correct posture and exercise balance.

  Principle: Because the fitness ball has the characteristics of rocking and full-frame movements, when you sit on the ball, you will feel the opposite of your body. At this time, your hips, buttocks, tibia, knees and other muscles need to be constantly made fine.Changes in the adjustment, the spine must maintain the correct posture in order to maintain stability and balance. These minor adjustments will help the discs in the spine accelerate blood circulation and strengthen the lower back muscles, and also help improve muscle strength and improve sitting posture. SoonLater, you will notice that the back becomes straight, chest problems, and back pain gradually disappear.