The ones he gambled down,Basically, they didn’t get advice from Populus。I can’t go and ask Populus for every piece,if that’s the case,It feels like someone is working for you。

People are not obligated to do this,Although you asked,Populus will give pointers,But often bother,Favor will gradually fade。Lao Zhao is not such a short-sighted person,Will not abuse favors。
Can be solved with money,Try not to use favors。
The same for others,Like Song Ying and others,Did not deliberately ask Populus to help see the jade rough。
“Xiao Hu,Didn’t bother?The last standard hall。”Xin Zhao reminded。
This time the emerald public,Will end。Estimated until the end of the year,Pingzhou will never have such a large jade public market,Have to wait next year。
“Lets see!”Populus in no hurry。
right now,He is a normal jade。Those opened the window,See good quality jade,He doesn’t bother to compete,Just like last time,In the end it was not snatched away。
No one speaks anymore,In fact, Populus has made a lot of money now。
Brothers in the live broadcast room,Already predicted,Brother Hu wants to make more than 100 million yuan a day。After all, the public sale hasn’t started yet,Made tens of millions,It was tens of millions just now,100 million away,It’s just a piece of jade, right??
Do this,Other anchors on the platform,All scum,What annual income tens of millions,Even hundreds of millions,Compared with Hu Ge,Really bad。
Nowadays,Everyone is quite knowledgeable,Eye-opened。
Long knowledge is only one aspect,60 jadeites are given out today,Worth almost a million。This is definitely their platform,The biggest host,The best anchor for fans。