“Mr,How about your wife?”The boss didn’t even feel embarrassed,After Tian Xingyao reminded her,Just ask。

Xiao Fan didn’t speak,I walked directly towards Lin Yuna, who was still swimming in the sea of wedding dresses.。
“Yoona,stop looking,Let’s go choose a wedding dress!”Xiao Fan said directly。
Lin Yoona knew this moment,It’s just a reflection that she has already walked out to a far place alone。
Suddenly,Lin Yoona’s face blushed,Said to Lin Yoona obediently:“OK!”
Finished saying this,He pulled Xiao Fan back to the position of Tian Xingyao and the boss。
Lin Yuna came to Tian Xingyao’s side,Just say:“Starshine,I’m sorry,I see these wedding dresses are so beautiful,and so,In a moment……”
Tian Xing Yao looked at Lin Yoona and didn’t know how to use words to describe her performance.,So I said very empathetic:
“It’s ok,It’s okay Miss Lin,This is too normal,Almost every girl who came here for the first time,All the same reactions as you。”
“Miss Lin, don’t worry about it,Blame the boss, the wedding dress in their shop is too beautiful!”
Tian Xingyao’s words,It’s just that Lin Yoona’s embarrassment is gone.。
But it’s also this time,Lin Yuna noticed Tian Xingyao’s side,There is a very beautiful woman standing。
I think this is the lady boss that Tian Xing Yao said。