This is illogical,When Li Tianzhen was frozen into ice again,Finally calm down and think,As long as the gate of heaven exists in this universe,Then it is the creation of chaos,At least derivative,We must follow the laws of this universe,Unless this place no longer exists or has been invaded and disguised on a large scale。

Li Tianzhen remembered the position of the gate of heaven in the starry sky map,Located in the central star cluster to the north of the entire universe,This should be the initial place of chaos creation,To the south of the Central Star Cluster is the original land of Hongmeng headed by Yuanjie,Including the wild world、Faith、The ancient world。
in this way,Centered on the pioneering land of Hongmeng,The new world keeps emerging,Life civilization is also rapidly developing outward,The universe is expanding rapidly,To the devil、When a powerful world such as the fairy world appears,The space possessed by the entire universe has expanded countless times than before,More than three-fifths of the current starry sky map space。
That is a civilization blooming、The age of vitality,At this stage,Metaverse played a very important role,The birth of the first powerful man,Created a new world with the congenital soil on the holy mountain,Since then, the ancient worlds such as the barbarians have also changed or derived new life civilizations in different ways.,The diversity of civilizations finally enriches the world。
There are also ancient civilizations dying,But more new civilizations are born,The universe is even wider,The world of heaven is more colorful,The emergence of the gods and ghosts is a watershed,The second stage of the universe is the era of great development,Countless powerful civilizations have emerged,There are also individual powerhouses who can be the stars,That was a time when many heroes were born。
With the rapid increase of the heavens,The connections between civilizations are becoming more frequent,This includes many aspects,Various exchanges and even trade,of course,There is more war。
Recalling the rise and fall of the 22nd Cosmos,Li Tianzhen actually wanted to find out the correlation with the cosmological change,The heavens in the universe develop in three dimensions,Both vertical and horizontal,But for the big era, it is a horizontal evolution,The development between the universes is a linear vertical iteration,The last cosmic era died,The birth of a new universe,Probably so。
But chaotically is unique,Is a special existence that has crossed the long river of history,Since the universe is an iterative development,Then it must evolve chaotically,Otherwise, the newly created universe will not be an iteration,But simply copy,this means,Chaos rough stone must also evolve or iterate itself。
But since it is called the original chaotic stone,It shows that it is difficult to evolve,It also directly confirms the fact that the underlying rules cannot be changed once they are formed,The rest may only be iteration,Rebirth after destruction,New rough stones and rules correspond to the new universe,So it can sync。
Think of these,Li Tianzhi’s heart was pounding,this means,Twenty-two cosmos,There will be 22 conservations,There will be the same amount of creation and destruction,The first 21 have been annihilated with the death of the universe,So the current universe,Creation and suffering,Destroy the trapped mortal world,Only conservation,Now I’m locked into the gate of heaven,This clearly indicates that the process of annihilation in the 22nd Cosmos is about to come to an end.。
This heavenly gate is really a trap,If Li Tianzhen can’t get out,,Will die sooner or later,The extinction process will suddenly accelerate,The annihilation of the 22nd Cosmos is only at the fingertips,Even if there is an earth axis in the mortal world,It’s impossible to be alone with a lotus flower,Even the little lotus will destroy the mortal world first and strengthen himself.。
Such a terrible catastrophic result,Came so suddenly,Face annihilation just after awakening,This is a great irony to Li Tianzhen。
Enlightenment from the beginning、Awakening,After discovering another weird side of the world,Li Tianzhen has been working hard to stop the process of destruction,Or let the mortal world avoid being affected by these struggles,From the Unknown Mountain Palace,To discover more and more alien supernatural powers,To space rift,He has been fighting,Only limited ability,It’s always difficult to completely suppress the panic that appears constantly。
Now Li Tianzhen has completely awakened,Has an unimaginable super power,But he got into the huge trap that had already been arranged for them,Regardless of conservation、Creation or destruction,Whoever jumps in the three rough stones is the same,Better come in,The current universe will eventually be destroyed,Why not be faster?
But this obviously violates the iterative law of Chaos Creation,Ended life in the 22nd Cosmos prematurely,If there is no reason, it is the same as murder,Li Tianzhen suddenly discovered that it is not terrible to be frozen,And the ice cooling in my heart is unbearable。