Yuxing’s first general meeting of shareholders ended without any risk。Next is a peaceful day,Li Tianchou looked restless,Besides drinking tea and chatting with You Shilong in the courtyard,Just go back to sleep,Didn’t do anything business。I’m going back to Cai’s home with Xiao Song the next day,This mental state is obviously abnormal,He himself couldn’t tell why。

At dinner,Li Tianchou went to the restaurant and had a meal with Zhu Lei。Chatting after dinner,The phone in Zhu Lei’s arms rang,He frowned slightly,Pulled out a blue phone。
This phone is specially used to contact the mountain,Because Li Tianchou often goes out to toss,So leave it to Zhu Lei for safekeeping。The time period for each contact is concentrated from morning to noon,It was the first time to call in the evening。
Zhu Lei press the answer button,My face changed a lot after just a few sentences,I almost knocked the tea cup on the table to the ground in a gaffe,He hung up after a few huh,Look at a few people around,Tremble with a dry voice,“Uncle is going to die,We have to go back overnight。”
Li Tianchou’s heart sank,Feel too sudden,But it’s urgent and I don’t have time to think about it,Fu Erde is still in the process of responding with his mouth open,Qi Baozhu has jumped up,Turn around and rush out the door。Li Tianchou grabbed him,Shen Sheng,“Go together。”I know that this guy is so powerful,I shook my arms and broke free。
So in a hurry,Everyone split up,Zhu Lei is in charge of finding the car,Fu De specially notified all the brothers,It took Li Tianchou to catch up with Qi Baozhu outside.,And knocked it out。
Although everyone wants to go back,But someone needs to stay to see home,Otherwise it’s all gone,Those who hide in the dark and are ready to pound at any time will have the opportunity。You Shilong and others suggested that all shops should be closed temporarily,Deal with business first。Zhu Lei shook his head against,He has quickly recovered from the panic just now,It’s too obvious,In the eyes of outsiders,Something must have happened to Yuxing,Or who is afraid of。Normal opening for business is a must,But whoever stays becomes a topic of debate。
There is not so much time for everyone to discuss clearly,Li Tianchou understands everyone’s feelings for Uncle Geng,But he had to act decisively。Instruct Xiao Liu to be in charge of the restaurant,Xiaohuo succeeds Zhang Wen,And the Internet cafe is in charge of Huang Yaojun,Captain and bed bugs pay more attention to help,Pretend,One or two days at most, someone must come back to take over。
Although this arrangement has obvious loopholes,But there is no better way in haste,Everyone can’t make any comments,Split up and ready to go。Although Xiao Liu is growing fast,But the ability to deal with crises independently is still a big gap with You Shilong and the old gangsters,Li Tianchou was hesitant,Frowning, finally dialed Wu Fang。
quickly,A dozen people gathered in the restaurant,Packed two full vans,Rush towards Yunshan。Li Tianchou was with Xiao Song along the way,Dare not disturb each other,Didn’t say any comforting words,Just let her lean on her shoulder gently,To make her posture more comfortable,Trance、daze、Even crying doesn’t matter anymore。
Jieyang Road in the city,Not far from the Yuxing style bar,There is a small private club,Looks very ordinary,Inside the door is a winding path,Very elegant。Courtyard pavilion in the middle,The layout is very delicate。There are big red carps in the pond,There are lotus-shaped lanterns hanging on the left and right corridors,Changing colors under the sparkling water,Make people look pleasing。