Palace Qingwen stared at her.,The hometown of the palace is straightforward.。Just, she is thinking about whether the condition will be greatly opened.,I heard the palace clear sigh.。

“Ugh,You?,Really, it’s a lot of money.,Even your younger brother。”
“Blood is full of water。”
Chapter 89 Conflict of the living room
Out of your own room,Palace Qingwen just want to follow her room to her room。
Just on the sofa of the living room,I saw the twin brothers who went to the palace of the palace.。
The two are now low, sitting on the left side of the separate sofa,Take the slogan and her sister,That is, the little sister of the palace is sitting in the seat of the main seat near the twin brothers.。
Hyschion is sitting next to the tibe,The palace of Qingwen is sitting in another independent sofa.。
The pattern is probably like this。
Sofa-made sofa:Palace Qingwen’s little aunt。
Main Sand:From the window to the window,Mikoxiong、Tension、Zhang Mi’s sister。
Porch independent sofa:Xu Qi and Xu Yi sat together。But because the sofa is very large,The two people are sitting together and not crowded。
“Clear,Come,Come over。”
Zhang Mi’s sister,It is also the small son of the palace, Zhang Yin rushed to the palace.。
The palace clear face reveals a standard smile,I can’t help but I have a sentence.。
really,After a holiday does not want,The operation of the brain is slow.。
Two junior high school students are coming,How can their parents have not come over?。
Miyi is also,Actually, I don’t say it.。
So much thinking,The palace clearly glanced at the palace,This walked over and greeted Zhang Yin.。
“Xiaoyu has long been for a long time.,what……”
Palace clear text,But it suddenly paused。
Zhang Yin listened to the palace, suddenly,Some strangely saw the palace Qing Wen。
“what happened?”
“hiss,Xiaoyu is getting younger than the last time.,I don’t even have to recognize it.。If this is not to say,Encounter in the street,I am afraid I can’t help but take it.。”
A laugh in the living room,Zhang Yin can’t help but smile and took the palace in Qing Wen.,Have a laughter:“Your kid,Why should you talk so??”
After opening a joke,Palace Qingwen sat down。
The relationship between the two is always very good,But because of the front palace, Qingwen does not love to go to relatives.,So I am not very familiar with the two cousins.。
This time this time under idolics,The two gods are willing to come to the palace.。
Two sitting in the living room,Miyi looked at TV with two cousins,Adults chat,Miya Tuo occasion will insert a sentence。
Such time makes the palace clearly feel comfortable,There is also a faint warmth in my heart.。
The topic of the big people is very fast,However, most of them are launched around the children.。
After all, in front of children,They don’t tristen some other topics.。
“Clear,Xiao Yan heard,You have recently played the game.,Also took a first right??”
Chat,The topic inevitably arrived on the palace Qingwen。
Palace Qingwen slightly,I saw a young brotherhood.,Have a heart,I nodded to Zhang Yin smile.。
“That is not,Qing Wencai Come。He just went to them,Take their team all the way。”
“From the tentimes,I got the first place at once.。And now,Their team still has not lost。”
Xu Xu said,Xu Yi added again:“Yes, right.,Sixteen consecutive victories,Before no ancient people,It is estimated that it is difficult to have later people.。”
Zhang Yin helplessly watched the two brothers,“I know, I know,You have already said many times.。”