Gogan’s heart tide,A pair of fists cleared and released。

Deep breathing,He raised his hand to the Guanghua, which is constantly moving in the center of Tianxixia.。
“That film is deep,Hidden the banned banned in the clan,Only the blood of our poles is a certain purity,Make a smooth entry。”
“What exactly is the blood。”
This is the vocabulary of the second hearing of the blood in the summer.。
The first time is also said from the Gobiakou.,Just get 30 in the contest,Can enter the five holy land,Mystery inheritance。
And the mysterious inheritance,It seems to be associated with the blood。
Now http://www.cwyp8888.cn that Gobian once again mentioned the blood of the pole,Let summer can’t help but curious。
He is a very tutored earth man,Several faces,And the blood of the blood is not able to do it together。
“Ha ha。”
Gobian is soon,“summer,Sometimes I feel scared even if I think is agile.,Instead, some coarse things will always ignore。”
He is not anxious,Sitting down,“What is the essence of our practitioners?,to be honest,In fact, it is the evolution and jump of the soul.,Is the lifting level。”
Toned,Also,“You think about the realm,Is it just to distinguish between war?,of course not,Extraction on each realm,It’s a transformation of your own,It is also an improvement in the life level.,No matter where your source is,the you now,It’s no longer the original you.,You can’t deny this.。”
Summer nodded,Be listening。
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Gogjian continues,“Five big http://www.dtrlt.cn faces,The world is not counting,but,How many kinds of differential systems,How many changes will occur?,Their ultimate essence is actually the same,Because all other practice systems,The end point is the holy king level。”
Toned,Also,“certainly,The Holy King is just a name of our trip.,In the god,This level is called the king,In the perspective,This level is called Pluto,The devil is the devil,The spiritual world is called Xianwang,At this level,No matter the devil、Holy king、King、Fairy king、Patent,Their essence is the same,Just called different。”
About this argument,Summer has already heard more than once,Heavy attention,Understand。
“but in fact,In the middle of the five,The Holy King is also difficult to reach,Just like our road,After achieving the third level of educational gods,It’s hard to climb up.。”
“therefore,The Holy King of the fiveth is divided into three kinds,the first sort,Is the five years in the initial formation,Those born holy kings,Sui Tian Holy King、清 漪 圣王,This is;Second type,There are always some kinds of beautiful enchanting in the world.,It’s accidentally practiced to make a holy king.;Third category,Just like the five mountains,Through various opportunities,Accidentally get adventures,Achievement Holy King。”
“Every trief to achieve the Holy King,Can feel,Already reached the practice of practice,It’s hard to break through,The most is just the accumulation of skills.。”
“but,Even if you reach the realm of Holy King,In front of the huge universe,Still a small,Still full of mystery,The Holy King saw a higher level of realm,But they are not able to break through。”
“This also caused this,Many practitioners are doubting their own practice systems and roads,Is it correct?。”
“Just guess this kind of speculation,Endless years,There are five sages,They reached the Holy King,Resolutely prepare a skill,Turn into mortals re-practice。”
“In their push derivism,Any energy,God、Aura、Yuanqi, etc.,Both is blind and mystery,So each person chooses a one-five-line system。”
“They continuously purify this pure power,Constantly refined,Constantly break through,After reaching the extreme,Finally found the power of the road!”
“What http://www.ping-yuan.cn is the power of a path,to be honest,In fact, it is still unfair to the energy system.,But put it to the extreme,Silitable power,Like this。”
Speech,Gogjian explored a finger,Mouse,Draw a circle in the half air。
He waved again,Defensive circle,Slowly rotate。