Accepting the seventh national census

According to the news of the people’s government of Xihui County, "big country is named, no you don’t work." From November 1st, the seventh national census officially entered the registration phase. On the morning of November 2nd, the county party secretary of the county party committee, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and the county magistrate Chen Yu at the county administrative center office building, took the initiative to register for census, and supported the seventh national census work with practical actions. On the registration site, in detail to bearise, Chen Yu detailed understanding of the census registration process, and carefully replied by the KP in question and reported the information of the census in accordance with the request. At the end of the registration, I would like to be Helong, Chen Yu, thank you for your hard work, I hope that everyone is strictly in accordance with the time requirements of this census, and ensure that the census data is true and provides economic high quality development. Scientific and accurate statistical information support. At the same time, there is also called on the county’s residents to actively cooperate with the registration of the census and take the initiative to provide personal and family accurate census information to the census personnel, completely fill in the census form, and ensure the smooth development of the census.

It is a major national effort to investigate, and the seventh national census is a major national effort investigation, and the profit of the country is involved in thousands of households. The county must take the opportunity of this population census as an opportunity to effectively master the important basic people in the population, and provide information basis and support for the promotion of scientific development and improve people’s livelihood.

The general census should carry forward the spirit of not afraid, not afraid of tired spirit, and carefully work, ensuring the test results of the national and people, can afford practice and historical inspection.

The relevant departments must vigorously promote the importance of this population census work, in the form of concern, support the census, participate in the good atmosphere of the census, successfully completed the county demographic task.

Chen Yu pointed out that all departments at all levels in the county should be in accordance with the work deployment of the State Council, the provincial and municipal census leadership team, and effectively strengthen the responsibility, strengthen organizational leaders, and promote the deployment of the civil census. It is necessary to make full use of census results, accurately grasp the per capita life expectancy, population structure, education level, and population flow, development trend, and to adhere to the county committee county government, formulate various policies, scientific compilation Water "14th Five-Year Plan" and 2035 long-term goals, promote the high quality development of Xiyuo economy and high quality development.

(Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).